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Friday, November 26, 2010

Boring Week(Except for Harry Potter)

Wow.Time passes by really fast and I cannot believe that its almost December!
I guess I have been away for quite
sometime haven't I? Beginning of this week wasn't very pleasant.

I had a really painful tummy ache on Monday.
I hate getting tummy aches because its so disturbing

and it didn't get better until I vomited. I felt so relief after that.
Then on Wednesday this really disgusting lizard came into my room

in the middle of the night while I was awake. It was crawling
on the door,the door was closed,but then my Mom came in unexpectedly

and it fell on the floor and I screamed. It got killed
in the end so all was good. The best day was yesterday,

I went to watch Harry Potter with my very lovely cousin and I thought
it was so amazing and emotional. Honestly,I felt really sad when I walked out of the movie theatre,

I'm not sure if anybody else
feels the way I do but,whenever I leave the movie theatre after watching a really

good movie and one which I really like,I will always,always feel this
kind of unwated emptiness in my heart and its so upsetting!
It feels as though you're walking away from something you love.
I don't know,maybe its just
me getting to emotional and carried away.

The one thing I'm sure is that I will never be over Harry Potter for as long as I live.
I love it that much.


  1. i love harry potter too.
    he's so lovely.

    miss you.

  2. hi dearest! haven´t watched it yet... but i really loved the book, so hope it´s as good as what i read :)

    hope everything´s going well ^^


  3. This year has gone by supperrr fast! It seems like just yesterday it was Christmas!
    I know this sounds wrong...but I love throwing up when I'm sick. I don't make myself do it. But after you throw up, it feels like the sickness is gone! Of course it is nasty, but afterwards you feel a little less sick-ish. :P
    OMG! I know exactly how you feel about the movie thing! It's so weird!


  4. That feeling you get after walking out of the cinema: I feel it so strongly when I finish a book. Do you get it then too?

    Kate x

  5. I feel the same emptiness when I leave a cinema...

  6. i love harry potter and the magic.

  7. Not a good start to your week - I hope your tummy is ok - I'm glad it ended on such a high note.

  8. Thank the lord for Harry Potter hehe

  9. I'm glad your tummy feels better! :)
    ewww....I'm not a fan of lizards. I'm not a fan of reptiles!! lol
    I need to see HP!!!
    All my love.


  10. Completely agree on the emotional part!!! I feel the same way :)

  11. missing you love
    (it's me, helen)

  12. Damn , it's true ..
    I miss you ):
    It's Xue Lian Here .
    I've been looking for you , until I found your blog and I realised ..
    I wish it wasn't true .
    Miss you ): Rest in peace .
    Love you , best friend I've ever had .


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