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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I.LOVE.THE.SONGS.ON.HER.NEW.ALBUM. Well,most of it. But seriously if you love country music and slow,love,heart-breaking me,you should really check her songs out!! Her songs aren't really like Taylor Swift but her voice is just amazing!! If I had to compare these two country singers,I give Taylor 1 point for song-writing and Carrie 1 point for vocals!. I love her new songs,it really has great meaning to it. My fave is "Quitter,Undo It,Look at Me,Somebody when I stop Loving You,Unpologize,& What Can I Say" Carrie Underwood is now officially my 2nd fave country singer! (I'm still searching for no.3)
Singapore Idol just finished its 3rd season and apparently the the crown goes to the same the person that is the same race as the previous idol. The 2nd runner-up is a completely different race. So when they announced the winner,everyone was you know kinda upset,surprised and all. I was perfectly fine,'cause it doesn't bother me much at all on who wins.

So I log to Facebook yesterday,(I said I disliked FB,but I have to check it like everyday,so its kinda ironic) and I saw like "What happened to SG idol" "The voting system was wrong" "He didn't deserve to win" something like that and I thought something serious was happening,like the company had bankruptcy or something like that. I thought something was going down,I though there was an issue on the global positioning of the earth. But it turns out,that people were arguing about the fact "Who should have won"

Now don't get me wrong,I totally understand that people have their own opinions on these things. And I like both finalist. I mean both can obviously sing so yeah. But people, just calm down,there is still next year,its not 2012 yet. And besides,its a fan based voting category. So the people who are to blame are the audience itself. I see all these groups on FB and I'm like "WTF?" people are inviting friends to join. And I thought "I'd rather joined,some other funny groups here than that." Everything is gonna be alright,and all these dumbass wars are gonna die down. This is like another last minute drama that is occurring before the New Year starts. And it made LMAO to see all the things comments people are putting up,defending their faves.

And I'm sorry,I can't resist but to post this, since people are sticking to all these sides and stuff,
and since what I'm about to ask is the right and good way to support your faves,my question is,

When both of their albums comes out,will you even bother to purchase them,or download it legally???

Because,to be honest,I didn't really bother about the last SG idol winner's. The only thing I wanted was to know and hope that my fave finalist got the crown.

So I can assure you,there is nothing to argue about,because NOTHING is gonna change no matter how aggressive your debate is. There is still next year to vote for your faves,and don't worry it is not 2012...yet.
So I advise you all to sit the hell down and just have a great day!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

( picture is so small :\ )

Monday, December 21, 2009

Its from somebody's Tumblr and I just HAD TO post this here,because its so damn true. This is like the no.1 fact about me! I express myself better when I write than talk. (even if I do have many errors)

Oh,and I'm 14 by the way,if yall did not know :)
We're nearing 2010,and you know what that means; SCHOOL IS ABOUT TO START.
I've gotten all my new books (well almost) and checked which class I'm suppose to go to next year. But there's only one problem,I have not completed my homework. I'm surprised that I'm not really excited to start the new school year like I did for the past years.

I really the fact that school is starting soon.I hate having a new teacher coming into out classrooms and scaring the hell us out. I especially hate sitting in the classroom during math period cracking my brain trying to solve the friggin math question!

I'm guessing next year I'm going to do stuff all on my own. Because the people in our class are all splitting up into different classes for next year. Which means they won't be the same cliques,best friends are gonna be split. My friends that I usually hang out with this year are not gonna be the same class as me. So apparently,I'm gonna go solo for next year. Honestly I don't mind.

I checked my school website,and they is gonna be quite a no. of boys in my class next year. And I do not know 75% of the people in the class. So I'm guessing that I'll be out no.
But really I do not mind going solo. 'Cause I'm not the type of person who will go "Oh,I'll die without friends,I need to stick with her wherever she goes..." No I'm not like that.

Last 5-4 months (when I already broke my "friendship" with this person) I walked to school on my own,I went back home on my own and I absolutely did not need any help from any one when
was I had problems with my school work. (My friends wasn't any help either)
And look,I'm still living!

In fact,being alone and going school actually helps me think through things,and I kind of make most of the time alone observing people. For some reason I just like observing things,even when I'm in a group with all my friends. Its like they'll be talking and I'll just sit there quietly.
So I don't really mind on am I gonna "hang out with" next year.

Last thing I wanna say is,I don't understand why people get so high and bothered over which class they are gonna go to next year. Because when the school announced the for 2010,I get class from my friends,messages from people complaining and being all unhappy about it because they won't be with their friends or whatever their reason is. I was like "WTF,why are you mad about it?

Because when I first took a look at MY class I went "Oh,okay,sure whatever. Even you put me in that class,I'll be alone either way,so I don't care" So I don't get why people are so bothered and worry by it. Because I'm not. What I'm worry about is the the new teachers they are gonna be teaching us,and the test that we're gonna be sitting for.

And for all you know,it'll be the end of year and all of us are still gonna be in the same school,I mean its not like your friends are moving to Alaska or something. So people just need to calm down and it all be fine!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My friends asked me if I like you.
I said,
"What?! No!! That's nonsense!"
The biggest lie I ever spoken.

Monday, December 14, 2009

I haven't been blogging for sometime eh? I've been feeling really lazy and my computer just won't work with me. But now its perfectly fine. YAY! And I've been spending SO much time on it since!

My family went to Malacca yesterday,everything was..okay,i guess.
To be perfectly honest with you, I did not wanna go for this trip. It wasn't like a holiday or whatever. It was a wedding. So it was a go-and-go-back one day trip. And to me,I had a boring time,and I'm sorry for saying that.

I don't wanna do post about the whole thing,so I'll just run over some of the things that happened and what I think about it.

So I got up really early,like as if I was going for school. I turned on my computer to put some songs to my MP3 player as quickly as possible. Then Mom went all high and bothered it. An started nagging at me. My dad was rushing telling us that the van we hired was already waiting for us.
And I was told to hurry and blah,blah,blah... Now,I hate hurrying because,when I hurry,I get confused and when I get confused I forget things. So I just quickly got turned off the computer,got ready and sat on the couch. The driver was pissing me off 'cause he was repeatedly calling my Dad to hurry and got down.

First off,what I don't get is,why were rushing? This was suppose to be a trip. Our family planned it and the driver was suppose to be given orders to drive us to wherever we wanted to go. So why the hell was he being so unreasonable? And about the rushing part,I was like,
people we are going on a family trip. Its our own free will,this is not the AMAZING RACE. So why the hell are people rushing here and there as if there was a finishing line?

So were ready. And blah,blah,blah.... the journey was rather uncomfortable because it was really squeezy,apparently the van couldn't fit all 18 of us. (I'm not surprise about that) and the air-conditioner wasn't strong enough. And the weather was so hot yesterday. Trust me I couldn't wait to go home!

So we went for the wedding. And the rest of day was boring.
We went to this shopping mall and my parents bought me some dresses. (I have THE best parents EVER! )

Then blah,blah,blah we headed home. I have to add this on..

On the way,home we stopped at this food center place,and most of us wanted or was force to go to the loo. This is other thing,now,whenever I go places that are far,I don't really have the need to go to the loo that often. I don't know why I just don't. Plus I hate going to public toilets that are you know, rather...uncomfortably dirty. (Sorry,but I just had to say that) So that time my parents force me to go,and I gave in.

On the way there,there were like fruit stalls and my Mom asked the price for this certain fruit,I forgot what it was. I know my Mom well,so I was 101% sure she was planning to buy it. But my Dad was all like, No,we're already late and all that stuff. And apparently the freakin' shop owner heard and said was like relax people wanted to buy some fruits no need to get all angry. My Mom giggle. And I giggle to. And let me tell you that was one of the many things that I regretted doing. Seriously.

First off,I hate it when people mock my Dad like that. That guy,was obviously being rude,because I often come across people like nosey like him,and I hate it! They are just being so IRRELEVANT!
So stopped giggling and I glared back. And in the back off my mind I thought,
"Bitch,just sell your fruits to other people who wanna buy them and STFU. Bitch!!!"
I was so freakin pissed off at that time.

So then we got back home and drove straight home. And I swear I have never felt so glad upon seeing my computer all fixed.! Finally!

Friday, December 4, 2009

I wanna talk about people updating their status on their networking sites; Facebook,Twitter,Myspace..whatever anything!. Now,frankly I don't have a problem with that,but when people get too overboard,and update their status like every five secs after the next,it can get really annoying. Especially on Facebook. I'm not saying that its fine when people go crazy updating theirs on Twitter,but Twitter is actually asking you "What you're doing?" and stuff so that's not really bad. But when you're not Facebook and see your homepage with 100++ things,that consists of quizzes,unnecessary status updates and whatever other things. It gets pretty annoying.

Why do people think that they have to update their status like every 7 secs??
(I saw a video about this matter and surprisingly I agree!)
I'm not saying I'm the quietest among everybody on FB,I do update my status like once in awhile,and most of it are songs quotes that I love. But some people on FB are like this;

"I just woke up this morning"
"I'm having cereal for breakfast"
"I'm taking the bus to school"
"I'm on my way to school"
"oh look here comes my BFF

Not only that then when they start having a rough day,their status will be like consists all the F-letter word. And when I go to my homepage sometimes,I'll see someone saying "3 more days!" then I'll scroll down they'll be other people saying "5 more days!" "10 more days!" Then I'll be like "TO WHAT?!,Is it really that serious?"
I'll be on my homepage and 50 secs later,all of sudden I got 70 more people new statuses and notifications from all these people ranting and telling about their problems.

That is just unnecessary,absolutely unnecessary! Its either people who constantly update their status wants attention,or they just think that they're some kind of famous celebrity.

Like i said,I can tolerate/don't mind Twitter,'cause that's what the website for,literally,but other networking sites, na'ah *shakes head* Sorry.

Its different if you talking to someday,because you're not changing your status like
"I'm gonna take walk now"
"I'm tired"
"I gonna a sit down for awhile"
"Oh look the grass is green!"

Not only that after they're done updating their status,then they'll be people putting comments and liking them. Unnecessarily.

"Oh look my cat is SO cute!! Look at the eyes!
Comments, Likes 10 poeple

"Hahaha,he's soooo cute!"

Somethings like that,and I don't know why some people think that its the MOST wonderful thing in the world. Its gonna be like that as long as its alive anyway!

That's all I have to say,but whatever I don't go into Facebook that much anyway now.
I spent this whole week not playing the computer. And wow,I survive! Yay! XD

This week was "TV week" for me. Since my computer couldn't entertain me,I'd figure that maybe the TV would,and it did! I watched some great shows,but my routine was kinda boring 'cause everyday,it kept repeating. :/

I'll wake up late and I would watch TV until like 2am in the morning! I would've have watch it some more but then my parents would be nagging at me.

There was one scary movie that I watch on Monday night. After the show I was planning to go to sleep,but I got kinda scared so I watch some cartoon show to calm myself down. I always do that if I got scared after watching some horror shows on TV,cartoon would automatically calm me down and forgot about the whole thing,especially cartoons like Spongebob!

Then I got to watch some detective shows. And some superhero movie. But I got bored watching the superhero movie so then I went to sleep.

The rest of the week I watched some reality shows. Like Project Runway,Moment of truth (they should really get celebrities to be on this show) then some other talent whatever shows.

Oh and found out that Arthur was airing every weekday in the afternoon! When I found out,I got all excited,I was like "Phew,at least there's one decent show that's showing!"

Saturday, November 28, 2009

I Just Can't Make Myself To Get Over You (&It Annoys The Hell Outta Me!)

(Based on a true damn story. HA!)

I didn't watch you at school-

Your hair good-looking messy,your uniform not tucked in
I didn't see your eyes light up when you smile

Did you watch me not watching you?

After school,I ignored you,or so I tried to,
I ignored you when you sat and sipped your drink next to your friend
I ignored you,but couldn't help but notice how attractive you were

Did you knew that I was trying to ignore you?

Mid February, I laid on the hospital bed
I thought about school and mostly about you
No one really gave me any news
But hell no,I wasn't expecting a visit from you.
All I wanted was to know
If during that period of pain and suffering in the hospital that I was force to go through,

Did you even notice that I was absence from school?

After the one week March holidays,I came back
And that was went reality hit me.

I realised that I wasn't good enough for you
I wasn't enough and I was definitely not one of those pretty looking girls
who wore short skirts,very short shorts and has an attitude that screamed,
"Hey everybody look at me,I think I'm so pretty,I act like I'm eighteen and the guys are so gonna worship me!"
I guess,to you,I was that weird,dorky girl who didn't stood out from everybody else.

All this time you kept your backed turned
And I found out frm one of your friends
That you were seeing someone new.
I was really upset
But I didn't showed it off to anyone else

Did you know at that time I decided I didn't want anything to do with you?

Now everything time has passed on so fast
But just one last thing
Let me ask you this,

Did you had any idea that I had a massive crush on you?

Oh and just F.Y.I my blog header description is referring to you.
"Whisper hello,I love you know,but its a shame that your breaking me slowly"

Is this to cheesy? Emo? Bad? Its my 1st story-poem thingy and I don't really know how to rhyme words...but I tried,I wrote this last night. ^^

*Oh and, I can't believe I just realised this but ALMOST EVERY magazine cover is about the Twilight Saga!
And Congrats to Taylor Swift for winning the AMA and any other award on the planet ^^
I know that some people don't really like Taylor Swift,because I don't know she "stole" Justin Bieber,Taylor Lautner or whoever,all her songs sound the same, and whatever other reason. I'm really crazy about her,its just that I LOVE her songs so much! Because I focus the lyrics when I listened to her songs. Some people said that I'm lame hearing her songs. But to be perfectly honest,I don't think its lame to listen to songs that relates to you in a way,I don't think its lame to listen to 'The Outside' and know that you're not alone and I definitely don't think that its lame to listen "The Best Day" and say "Hey this song reminds me of MY family"

I don't really mind that her songs sound the same and these is on of the many reasons why I love listening to her songs, they have secret messages in them;

"Fearless" - I Loved You Before I Met You

"Fifteen" - I Cried While Recording This

"Love Story" - Someday I'll Find This

"Hey Stephen" - Love and Theft

"White Horse" - All I Ever Wanted Was The Truth

"You Belong With Me" - Love Is Blind So You Couldn't See Me

"Breathe" - I'm Sorry I'm Sorry I'm Sorry

"Tell Me Why" - Guess I Was Fooled By Your Smile

"You're Not Sorry" - She Can Have You

"The Way I Loved You" - We Can't Go Back

"Forever & Always" - If You Play These Games We're Both Going To Lose

"The Best Day" - God Bless Andrea Swift

"Change" - You Made Things Change For Me

"Tim McGraw" - Can't Tell Me Nothin' (Credit: ForeverTaylorSwift)

"Picture To Burn" - Date Nice Boys

"Teardrops On My Guitar" - He Will Never Know

"A Place In This World" - I Found It

"Cold As You" - Time To Let Go

"The Outside" - You Are Not Alone

"Tied Together With A Smile" - You Are Loved

"Stay Beautiful" - Shake 'N' Bake

"Should've Said No" - Sam Sam Sam Sam Sam Sam

"Mary's Song (Oh My My My)" - Sometimes Love Is Forever

"Our Song" - Live In Love

"Jump Then Fall" - Last Summer Was Magical

"Untouchable" - We Always Want What We Can't Reach

"Forever & Always" (Piano Version) - Still Miss Who I Thought He Was

"Come In With The Rain" - Won't Admit That I Wish You'd Come Back

"SuperStar" - I'll Never Tell

"The Other Side Of The Door" - What Was I Really Thinking When I Slammed The Door

When I this found out it made me love her songs even more because the messages kinda relates to me in a way.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Its Hari Raya Haji and Thanksgiving!! I wish everyone who are a happy hari raya haji and happy thanksgiving. Oh and let me list down 3 things that I'm thankful for;

1) The food that I'm about to eat now. Its looks yummy :)
2) My family (Duh!)
3) And just about everything that makes me happy!

Have a great holiday!!! :D

Please don't be lazy and click on this link and watch the video. Don't worry,its not some lame,boring music video,movie trailer or something that your mother told you not to watch.
May this be lesson,that you must always check if your closet door is still looking fine and never stand behind anything that might fall and hit you...especially in front of a camera! :)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

I'm home!! The vacation was half fun and half annoying. But before I rant and review my holiday trip,I wanna share some tags!

I received the the "awesome blogger" award from Seli (, the "from me to you" from Random Rawr ( and the "lovely blog" award form Janice ( . YAY!!

THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU to these wonderful people!!!

Okay so the rules are basically the same,

Copy & paste the award

List some random things about yourself

Tag other bloggers

And notify them.

For the "one lovely blog" award,I have to list 7 things that I'm loving;

1) The fact that I'm finally blogging right now.

2) That tomorrow I'm going to my grandma's house and meeting my cousins there.

3) I bought some really pretty stuff from my trip to Thailand.

4) Having nothing to do right now.

5) Daydreaming.

6) Being on Facebook and taking the quizzes.

7) Typing this.

And for the other two awards is to list 7 random things that people don't know about you.

1) I am the only child

2) I'm currently in love with Youtube and Twitter

3) I love buying books than clothes

4) One of my bad habits is bitting my nails.

5) Whenever I laugh,I cry :)

6) I have deep feelings for things

7) In school, I'm the nerdy girl with glasses,who is always on 'the outside'

So I'm gonna tag 7 other bloggers...
-Iva Messy ((
-Here comes the sun (
-Alisha (
-What I heart (
-My Itchy Foot (
-Frangipani princess (
-The Little blog of happiness (

Congratulations to them!!

I'm not using my own computer now,since its giving me endless problems and so its really hard to blog.
So I thought I just put like many many,many post in one day....

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Holidays ain't that fun without a vacation eh? My family booked tickets and I'm leaving for THAILAND today. Hope yall,have a great weekend and I'll see you in 4 days!! Bye! :D <3

Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Moon is coming out,and almost everyone is talking about it. Well,the movie doesn't come until December in my country. But I don't really care. Maybe I'll watch it,maybe I won't. Whatever. I want to give my opinion about this Twilight thing.

Before I get to that,let me tell you how I begin reading this story. I'm not the type of person who reads those immortal books. In fact I hated those kinds. I though it was unrealistic,not logical and stuff. So Twilight was the only immortal type of book that I've read till the last page.

At that time the Twilight books were everywhere,people were talking about and getting all excited about the upcoming movie. Well,I Had absolute no idea what was going on,and didn't know anything about Twilight. So I was in my local bookstore,browsing and looking around. Then I was about to pay or my purchase,when I noticed this girl who was so engrossed reading the book,and I thought, "Wow,is it that good?" So decide to try and took one of the shelf and paid. When I got home,it was already late at night,but I couldn't sleep. So I decided to read the Twilight. And I didn't know why I couldn't stop reading it,the book kept me up the whole entire night. That's when I started liking Twilight. I watched the movie,and I really like the baseball part! I liked Edward's family...

But it doesn't end there,a few days after the movie and all,I bought the New Moon and Breaking Dawn. I'm sorry but,I hated it,and my love for Twilight just slowly died down.

Why I hated the other three/two it was because,I couldn't understand what was going,and I didn't know what was going on. All I know,was that;

-They didn't go to school anymore,.
-Edward left,and Bella was all sorrow and felt as if the her life was meaningless without Edward.
-Edward and Bella said "I love you" to each other like 7568975 times!
-Bella couldn't make up her mind between Edward and Jacob.
-She suddenly became a vampire and gave birth to a half-human half-vampire baby girl name Reneesmee.

Those are the only things that I could understand. And I could only understand half of the things that was happening at the Volturi. Somehow I just couldn't get it inside my head on to what was going on. Its like one minute she Bella chooses Edward and then she decides to chooses Jacob,and then some of the characters think that its not worth living if the one you love is no longer exists,so they decided to kill themselves too,and then more and more characters appeared and I got so confused! I'm sorry but its just my opinion and I just don't like the other three books. Because to me,it didn't really make any senses.

And here are some of the other things that I thought about Twilight;

  • I don't why but I think that Kristen Stewart wasn't the right person to play Bella Swan. She seems lifeless and she made Bella Swan seem more lifeless than ever. I just didn't picture Bella as Kristen Stewart when I read the book.

  • If Bella Swan was just and ordinary,plain girl, why did so many guys like her? Because,from what I have experience and observe,most guys don't go after the ordinary plain one,they go for the pretty and hot ones! But whatever,its fiction anyway.

  • If Jacob knew that Bella was SO in love with Edward,why is he still clingy to her,I mean couldn't he just go for the one in the other girls in the wolf pack or something.
  • Why did Jacob ended up with Bella's daughter? I thought there was an age difference...
  • Last thing,Bella's dad doesn't really seem to care about her,or her whereabouts!

So,those are some of the things that I thought about Twilight. Anyhow,I'm not sure if I'm gonna watch it or not..and don't get me wrong,I don't hate Twilight,I just treat as OK,not really a big deal to me. :)

Oh and did you guys watch Demi Lovato's new music video? I love her outfit,especially those gloves!! The song was okay,the video was okay,I mean its just her and her friends and between shots,she's like rocking out. I couldn't really relate the song to the video,but it was okay i guess :\

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Its raining,and I can't help but feel lazy and just feeling like;

And randomly,I remembered when I was little,I love singing those nursery rhymes about rain,hoping it'll stop if I sing them!

One was;
"Rain,rain go away come again another day..." then I forgot the rest..
Another one was;
"Its raining,its pouring,the old man is snoring,he went to bed and bumped his head,and couldn't get up in the morning" something like that.

*Yawning* I'm falling asleep... *Zzzzzzz* :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Other than the shocking incident that happened on Sunday,my weekend was pretty good...Thankfully!

I've decided that there some good things will turn out after that. Besides I have more important things to think about.

Since the couple of days I've been wasting too much time on my computer,I've made a list of things that I SHOULD & WILL be doing from now on.

1. I need to STOP and control myself from using the computer too much.
2. I need/have to clean my room,at least bit by bit everyday.
(Okay the reason I don't like cleaning my room is because,for me even though my room is messy,I know where everything is,and once I clean it,I forget where I put everything else.)
3. I need to start helping Mom with the household chores.
4. Get started on my homework. At least I can do my English essay if I don't wanna do math.
And I don't want to rush everything into the last minute.

For now,that's just about it. And I'm trying to have a positive thinking from now on. I don't know I always have negative thinking,and I get that,I'll get worried,when I get worried I panic.I really wanna stop myself from thinking negatively. I mean its like not every wrong move is the end of the world right?

Oh and speaking of 'The End Of The World' have you heard about this;

Some people really believe that's its 'the end of the world'...when obviously its not. I saw the trailer and thought it was pretty interesting. Maybe I'll go watch it :D

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I wasn't planning to post today,but something bad happened and I got REALLY angry about it,and I had no other way but to rant about,I have to write this one.

Yesterday,when I said that Friday the 13th wasn't bad and nothing bad had happened to me so far...well I was wrong,wrong,wrong! Something did happened and just happen.

My.Dad's.Motorbike.Was.Stolen.Today! By some crazy ass person in the parking lot (I know,that is so typical)
So here's the story,that was told my Mom and my opinion about the whole thing;

Both my parents were out for like the whole afternoon today. They went to Malaysia (for I don't what reason) and you know Singapore is kinda close to Malaysia right? So they went,blah,blah,blah. Before going back home,my Mom wanted to get some stuff at the supermarket. (Okay so this part I did not understand,why on earth did she want to go to the supermarket there,when over here there are like hundreds of them,and honestly,there is nothing wrong with the prices.) So obviously,they had to park the motorbike at the parking lot right? But then when they came back it was gone!

First of all,I so do not know how it went missing,when the key wasn't even left on the keyhole.
Secondly,they was a friggin CCTV that monitors the activity that was going on in the parking lot! I am guessing that they have a very lousy security guard,which right now,I feel like suing,or maybe he was into the whole 'thing'. God,seriously,what is wrong with people.

I just don't understand,why,please tell me WHY,they are these evil,mean people who have no lives,are doing these. When I read something in the news papers that says about these type of 'situations',I honestly don't really care,but now,I know how it feels. I am really tired of all these people okay!

And now,because of these self-centered lunatics,poor Dad needs to take the public transport to work,and I need to take the public transport to school,and some other troublesome things...But that's besides the point. Now,that motorbike, already like family to us (okay weird much?) and now some douche just stole and it vanishes just like that. And right now,I may sound crazy but i seriously hope and want to believe that my Dad's motorbike will appear tomorrow morning in OUR parking,looking all fine,but I know it won't happen! :(

You'll probably thinking that we've made a police report,but no! And my Dad apparently does not plan too. I don't know how he can be so calm and patient with these things. I mean right now,he's like reading the papers and drinking tea! And I'm the one who's overreacting right now.

I am really tire-Okay whatever,I just don't know what to say anymore... *sigh*

Friday, November 13, 2009

Yay! It FRIDAY-well it doesn't make any difference to now cause I'm on break-but still,YAY!

And waddya know,look at the date,it Friday,the 13TH... Oooh,anyone had bad luck so far? Kidding! Well,I'm not superstitious,and nothing bad has happened to me that has anything to do with the no. 13 as far as I remember. In fact,my birthday is dated 13!

Anyway,have fabulous weekend! :D

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I don't have any plans for today...I think... And the yeah,I'm gonna have BREAD & BUTTER for breakfast (Nothing more than that) or should I go for oatmeal???

Okay,yesterday I read quite a few gossip sites (I love doing that) and I came across this;

I laughed when I saw this cover! I mean are you seriously kidding me? Since when do celebrities admit that they are 'IN LOVE' with each other after like 2-3 dates? I believe that they are dating but 'in love'?? Hmm... And if they ARE dating,which seems likely they are,Taylor Lautner better be careful and NOT break her heart..IF he does,then I guess will be expecting another new hit break-up single on the radio...

You have so got to check this girl out. She is my new FAVE musician!!! Orianthi Panagaris..she was MJ's guitarist... (I think) and she is SO AWESOME!! Listen to her songs and her guitar solo,she really knows her how to rock out! She is so unbelievable good!! I highly recommend her music... Plus,I like her hair :D

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Yay!! I received my first blog award ^^ Really thankful and happy about it. But it comes with 7 seven conditions though...

1. Thank whoever gave this to you
2. Copy award
3. Post it in your blog
4. Tell us 7 things that your readers don’t know
5. Link 7 new bloggers
6. Notify winners of the award with a comment on their blog
7. Keep being awesome

Okay so 1st of all I would like thank
My Itchy Foot
for giving me this award! ^^

So I already did # 2 and 3

#5, the new winners are:
BB,Petty Writer,Nadia,Random Rawr,SmileyFreak,Alice in Wonderland and Aisyah
Congrats!! :)

#4 ...

This is my fave I love random list like this,

1) Last night I had the weirdest and dream in the history of 'my dreams that I could remember' o____o
There were 2 scenes, the 1st was I was in this room with my classmates and everything,than suddenly out of nowhere,my parents came in... then my Mom became mad at me for like no reason at all,she scolded me in front of all my friends..and the way she punished me was crazy,it was scary!! And my Dad did nothing..(This was creepy because apparently TODAY my Mom did actually scolded me!) So blah,blah,blah..she scolded me.. THEN the weird part came,the scene changed and I was suddenly sitting at home,my parents were busy cleaning the house, (I dunno why) and my classmates weren't there and I was sitting there watching TV,and you wanna,know what I was watching?? CAMP ROCK 2!!! I had absolutely NO IDEA why in the world was I suddenly at home watching Camp Rock when like two minutes before that my Mom was punishing me in front of all my friends! (Besides,Camp Rock 2 won't be showing till next year right?) And the funny thing was,you know Camp Rock was suppose to take place in Camp right? But the place that I saw in my 'dream TV' wasn't in a school hallway!! And when I woke up I was like, "Okay..what just happened???!!" It was really strange!!

2) I got new books today!! Yay!!

3) I'm an owl,I stay veryyy late at night. Especially if I already took a long nap in the afternoon,'cause I won't be able to fall asleep at night.

4) The chore that I hate doing is,folding clothes. Because my Mom is kinda strict about this,she has to make sure that its neat,the folding proper,line together and stuff like that..

5) My room is in a mess right now,well actually only the shelves. They are too many books,its almost like a library.. :(

6) I can live without my cellphone but not my MP3 player...which means I cant live without music... and the computer.. Besides I hardly text messages or call my friends. They use the Internet more..

7) Its 2.08 AM now and I'm suppose to be sleeping,but Im obviously not(Told ya I was an owl!). If my Mom were to find out,she'll kill me. Eppp!!!

So that's it I need to do #6,and I'd tried my best to be #7 :D

Sunday, November 8, 2009

I'm bored :\ Its only the beginning of the holidays and I'm already suffering boredom. *Sigh* Its raining everyday which makes it quite difficult to go out. And realised something whenever we're approaching December it always rains. I don't why but maybe because its replacing winter. Since we don't have winter here(only rain n shine) I guess thing the only thing to fall form the sky is water droplets not snow droplets. (Ya see I'm so bored that my sentences doesn't really makes sense!)

Back to my whining,I'm boreeeddd... The ONLY good thing about end-year holidays is not waking damn early for school and not having to study like half of the day. So I have a list of things that I could do to occupy myself;

1. Do essay & math homework. (I still don't understand why school needs to give homework for the holidays,can't they just leave us alone for once??)

2. I could practice math (Nah,maybe laaatteerr... :p)

3. I could read books. (I would LOVE too but I'm finished reading every book that I bought,and I don't like to re-read them...unless they're really good!!)

4. Play computer? (Done that already)

5. I got nothing... :(

So almost every option is out and # 1 & #2 will make so much more boring-er.
But nevermind,I'll come up with something eventually...

I watched the SNL today(just the monologue),and Taylor Swift was in it. I'm not sure if she wrote the script or the SNL people wrote it,but it was funny! She mentioned,Joe Jonas,Taylor Lautner and Kanye West and I never though I'd hear her say 'douche bag'.I love the way she mentioned about Taylor Lautner. Although it was a joke..I have to say that the Joe Jonas joke wasn't necessary. I mean seriously,the news is already/getting old and boring...

Another thing is I have to say is about Miley Cyrus(I'm not hating on her). Okay,tell me,would you want to sacrifice your beloved pet cat just so you could get tweets from Miley??? And when I say sacrifice I meant,you kill the cat and you eat it. Sounds yummy right? Not! I cannot believe that someone is so desperate to get her tweet and threatened her like that! You kill it just so you can know what she is doing? Go get a magazine,read gossip sites or something! I literally laughed when I saw that site, and I laughed even more when I saw people talking about how crazy it is on YouTube! Honestly I didn't know her tweets were so important. I follow celebs on twitter and I understand and know that its fun to see what they're up too and reply to them,but am not carried away like that. I mean IF they weren't famous now,nobody will even care if they delete their account or not.
And killing animals?? can't you think of a safer way to make her come back? Like I don't know,write a letter to twitter suggesting them to create a 'sister' site,which is only meant for celebs. So that they won't get pressurize or on all the hate mails or whatever?? I'm just saying... The cooking of your pets to get her to tweet is just insane in my opinion. Come on,her not tweeting is not the end of the world right?

My boredom,Taylor on SNL to Miley and eating cats...I think I'll stop now.. :))

-Forgive me if I sound kinda rude & annoying in this :))

Friday, November 6, 2009

This is soooo cool!! Before the school holidays started,our Art teacher showed us this guy and his drawings. When I saw it I was like, "Oh wow,how did he do it??!!" So I did a little research and I found out his name was, Julian Beever and he has quite alot of brilliant drawings. But I must say,I love this one. I mean the drawing is actually drawn on the ground but,it really comes to life (if you look at it from a certain angle). So I guess the people who were walking by were kinda trying to figure out what he is doing...

I really wonder how do this people do it? Talented or just plain Lucky? :)

So this show was like a sometime ago,but just wanted to do a little review of it.
I watched this like last Sunday with my cousin Alisha,it was raining and we couldn't go out so we ended up watching DVDS.

Okay,so the show was okay,it was basically about boys. Like how to get the guy you want even though he already has a girlfriend which happens to be Ms Popularity in your school. Get the picture right? Normal girl fell in love with the heartthrob in school,but can't make him his 'cause of all the mean girls and blah blah blah...

The 'normal' girl Georgia and her 4 friends went on and kinda stalk 2 cute guys(twins) who just moved in their town and go to their school. Then Georgia and her friends trieds to be perfect and practise kissing...all those stuffs.
I have to admit-even though maybe I sorta sometimes kinda stalk guys on rare occasions-when I watched Georgia and her friends stalk those two guys,I though it was really creepy! Really,it was.

So then one of friends manage to become one of the twins girlfriends. So Georgia tried to get the other twin,Robbie. She tried to make him jealous by using one their friends,Dave. But then everyone found and was against her.

I'll stop there,I'm lazy to summarise and explain more. Getting to the point,the story is about being who you are,not being ashamed of your parents weird behaviour,and not think about yourself all the time. :)

Oh and another thing about the story is, at the beginning and the end,she list five things that is good/bad about her life...some thing like that I think.

So I decided to make MY list.

5 Things Bad about my life:

1. I have an awful grade(quite).
2. My parents are too protective.
3. I still haven't found out what I'm good at.
4. My good friends are not gonna be with me next year.
5. (I have nothing to put here)

5 Things Good about my life:

1. I have an amazing family.
2. I am lucky that I get almost everything I want.
3. I have my awesome blog readers.
4. I have great friends. (Charlene,Lily,Farah..)
5. I have everything I need to go through every single day. :D

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I remember these fabulous cartoons. It was shown on cartoon network and I love watching them. Mystery shows was my fave genre and Scooby-Doo become my all-time fave.
My Dad love these cartoons too,he always told me how much he like the drawings that the cartoonist drew in those times.Well,I have to admit these were some great cartoon drawings. And we used to watch Popeye every night on Cartoon Network together. And seriously,Popeye was half of the reason why I ate my spinach last time!
Well,now they slowly stop airing these shows on Cartoon Network... Now they're on Boomerang,I think right? Too bad I don't have that Channel :(

Sunday, November 1, 2009

I've seen a lot people asking questions like 'Which word is the most annoying word to you?' So I've decided to list 3 of words that I often hear people say and find them somehow annoying.

So,CONGRATULATIONS to these words/phrases for winning the most annoying category :)

1. "I don't know"
This phrase really gets on my nerves when people use them unreasonably and they sound like they they don't care about anything at all. I can accept the fact if they use them for questions they really don't know the answer to. But if people use them for like sentences like "Hey you wanna hang out later?" "What did you think of the movie?" Then they reply you with a simple "I don't know". Then I'd be like "What you don't have any opinions or thoughts about it?"
I don't mind people saying "I don't know" if they out some extra words at the back. Like, " I don't know,I'll have to check my schedule" or "I don't know...the movie seemed kinda awkward!"
Those are the kind of sentences that I love to hear,not those 3 simple words!
If people are answer me back like that,I'd conclude that are just using it as an excuse not wanting to talk to me,they have very little opinion or they're just lazy to talk.

2. "I don't believe you"
This one is ONLY annoying when people say this to you if you're telling the truth.
Seriously,no matter how many times you try to convince them (by telling them that you're telling the truth) they just keep on repeating these 4 words,and it gets much more annoying every time they say it. The worst part is that, for me I think is that,if someone were to say it,I don't have comeback for it.,even I did it'll probably be something lame.

3. "Whatever"
Okay,so to me this isn't reaaallly annoying,but if I were to hear 10 "whatever(s)" in one day,said by 10 different people with their crappy voice (just 'cause their day wasn't going on so well,and they had to answer me back rudely without apologising) then I'd be the one annoyed!

So there you you have it, 3 word/phrases that annoys me! :)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Yay! Not only is today Friday,but its the last day of school,the end-year holidays is here!! :D

This week has been THE best week of school for the entire year,it was boring yet fun.
We did nothing and we had free period all the way till noon,and we get to go home like an hour early!

So I got back my report book back (Mom wasn't all that mad,thank god!) and they've informed us about the subject that we're taking next year. And it was such a huge disappointment for me!!! I didn't got the one subject I wanted and that was Literature! One subject is all I'm asking for and you can't even give me that? So much for "You get to choose which subject you want for next year" or "Choose which subject you are interested and good at" Well I did and,Thank You for disappointing me! Now I have to choose between History and Geography,and I can't decide between them.

My class is gonna spilt up and we're not gonna be in the same class like the past two years. The only thing that I'd miss most is my form teacher,he's like the best,nicest teacher I've had so far. So now,some of the cliques (Say the word 'clique' 10 times sound like an annoying robot!) in my class are splitting cause they got different results and all...I cannot believee that in 2 months time its gonna be 2010,so fast right?

Okay so Halloween is today...tomorrow or something right? I don't celebrate it here,but IF I did,I would consider going for this look,

Seductive Vampire;


Barbie Transformation;

(This is Michelle Phan's make-up tutorial videos,I love watching her tutorial and see the different make-up he uses. I don't know why,but I like watching people experimenting and make use of their talent. Oh and her Youtube channel link is at the side,go check it out if you haven't its really cool! And don't you think that her voice sounds peaceful? LOL!)

I mean you don't have to look EXACTLY like the look in the video,but with just a few make-up and some vintage dress,you're good to go have Halloween or a costume party :D

-I know the video is kinda long,but you you get the idea of the look right? :)
But if you wanna play it,don't forget the pause my music playlist!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Love is not a thing to rush,its a feeling you should trust"
-Marie Digby, 'Come to Life'

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How many stairs are there?

Duck or Rabbit?

I had a headache looking at these pictures,especially the first one! Try living in that kind of house,so confusing! If I did,I think I'd probably lost my way trying to go to the bathroom.

I couldn't decide if it was a duck or rabbit,so I have to go with Duckbit or Rabduck...whichever suits..

Look at the last one,I thought the lady came out of the puzzle picture,that the guy was trying to solve!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Have you ever wonder why when you're friends with the opposite sex,best friends(like the two of you always hang out together),people will assume that the two of you are bf/gf?
I mean seriously,I have heard this kind of story a million times in my entire life. It happens everywhere,in books,TV shows,movies. It also happens to some celebrities.

Its like people will start asking things like, "Hey,are you guys 'together'?" or "Come on,you guys always hang out together,surely there must be some kind of 'feeling"
Then we go on like "No,we're just friends!" (That line is most common line that I've heard)

I really don't think that everyone who are best friends with the opposite sex have,dated each other before. I mean its kinda cool having a best friend like that. Sure we won't have everything in common and obviously cant do some things together,but I mean its fine as long as the friendship is great and there's trust.(Trust is important in friendships)

But I can say that there are people who 'accidentally' fall for their best friend. Here are the three main ones that I've seen/heard before;

Scenario 1:
Your best friend falls for you,but YOU don't feel the same way. Then when you found out,everything may or may be (hopefully not) awkward between the two of you.
And you try telling him/her that you don't feel the same way trying not to hurt his feelings.

Scenario 2:
Its the same as 1 but its YOU who falls for your best friend. And all sort of emotions occur. Then everything may or may not be (hopefuly not too) awkward between the two of you.....

Scenario 3:
Both of you fall for each other,but have no idea what to because if you decide to be together,and if things go wrong and if you guys break up,the friendship that you had at the beginning,before getting together,it may not come back. Hence,you lose a friend.

This things happen all the time,and you don't know what will happen next. Maybe something bad or good. I just think that we need to think things thoroughly before making a decision. And to have self-control for our emotions.

-I apologise if this post doesn't really make sense. I had post writer's block,and this was the only thing that came up to my mind.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Its the start of the week already,:( I'm posting a little late 'cause my computer got sick again! So anyway, I was tagged in post, Yay!!! Thank you BB.

'Honest Scrap' ;

I'm suppose to list down 10 random things/truths about myself,so lets begin,

1. I love the Internet.
Yeah,I can spent hours on the computer;watching funny videos,looking up on gossip sites,downloading music...not mention blogging :)

2. Whenever I listen to my ipod/mp3,I'll go daydream.
No matter where I am,as long I have my earplugs on and the music is playing,I'll will definitely daydream.

3. I love watching soap operas.
I got this from my Mom I guess,I try not to miss an episode if possible. I love the drama in there,the more dramatic it is,the better.

4. I am terrified of lizards.
Ewww!! I'll probably scream my lungs out if I see one. It just disgust me,I don't know why though. One time,there was this show about some guy that actually ate them,whenever he comes across those little reptiles! Disgusting much?

5. I'm pretty much a boring person.
I assumed that I am though. I'm not that wild..My idea of getting to know someone or hanging out with them is just sit around and share our thoughts.

6. I prefer Twitter than Facebook.
Sorry Facebook lovers! I actually think that Twitter is much more convenient(not that I think Facebok isn't). I spent more time on Twitter and another reason why I love about it is that its also a little gossip site,where you know what celebrities are up to ands maybe know what your friends are gossiping about.

7. Reading distracts me from everything else.
Its true,if I have a problem or something is bothering my mind,all I gotta do to forget about it for awhile is read. And it has to be something really interesting and something I really am into. Its like when I read,my brain doesn't think about anything else except the thing that I'm reading. So it reading really calms me down.

8. My life is full of 'What if(s)'
I often regret about the things that I've done or what I don't do. Its like then I askedmyself, "What if,I've done that? "What if I didn't did that?"
It happens everytime. Then I'll try to not think about it,but a few minutes later I think about it again.

9. I don't really have a best friend.
I don't have really have since I started secondary school. Well,I did,but things didn't turn out right and I suffered being friends with her. But now,she we're not 'best' friends anymore. So,I mix around with everyone.
I don't really mind not having a best friend-who goes everywhere with you. I'm learning to be independent on my own. And to tell the truth I love it.

10. I have a habit of falling to hard for some,then I'll end up being disappointed and all sad.
This happens to me a lot of times. Its like one day,you are head over heels for someone,then the next day you'll realise that your out of his


Now that was fun! LOL! Should I spread 'Honest Scrap'? I think I should... So,I am gonna tag,Random Rawr, and My Itchy Foot,

Saturday, October 24, 2009

This is kinda old but I couldn't resist posting it. I love his shows-Whatthebuck-on YouTube (even if its kinda annoying and gay sometimes) but he's really funny! And I was L.M.A.O to this one. This is one of my fave songs. LOL!! :P

*If you wanna play it,don't forget to pause the song on my music playlist.

-Sorry if this post disturbed you!

Friday, October 23, 2009

I found it and thought I just shared.

I would most probably avoid the boorish and arguer guys :p

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Summary: "The ups and downs of Love and Friendship"
Rhiannon is devastated after the breakup with her boyfriend and is desperately wants him back. But love comes easy for Nicole. Her ex is still in the picture,pinning for her but she can't help having a new crush. And then there's James,hopelessly in love with his best friend,Rhiannon,who is too blind to see that their can be so much more. Just when things couldn't get more complicated,the school's resident mean girl decides she is intent on ruining everyone life. James,Nicole,and Rhiannon are not going to let this slide,but will their desire to take down the mean girl bring these friends exactly what they want?

My review: I finished reading this like just awhile back.
So,just when I thought this story was a typical 'my bestfreind turns into my bf/gf story' it then turned out to be about how Rhiannon friend's Nicole got abused by her Dad. There are two types of abuse in this one,one was Nicole's Dad abusing her,the other was Sheila-another girl in the story-who got 'hurt' by her boyfriend.
If you like and are curious about each of the main characters point of view and repeat scenes,than this book is for you.

Its was kinda boring for me actually,to have to read 3 people views and read how the the same scenes were told again. The story goes on how the teenagers go to this 'sorta for smart students school'. How most of the characters are smart and all.

One thing about the story I noticed is that,if you are reading Rhiannon POV there's always this 'Questions' that she asked herself. The story isn't really about abused just that when you are coming to the end of the story than you realise "Oh,so this is what gonna come next!" something like that.

Another thing about the story is that Nicole has a 'crush' on her Maths teacher. Which I though was very wrong,at first I thought her new crush was this guy,Max-who appears in the story for just a split second-but no,she was falling for her teacher,and the teacher maybe didn't realise it,if her did realise it then he was hitting on her too,'cause when you read the story you'll see how he shares stories together,lunch-ing together. Plus,her ex was a great character to me,I didn't see why she broke up with him.

Not forgetting,in my opinion,Rhiannon was being really pathetic into getting her boyfriend back. just read the story and see what she does,thinking that the flowers she received in her lockers are from her ex and all.

So,my rating is, 3half/5

This book killed my boredom in class (we had free period all throughout the day)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Today the class got back our exam results.
Quite a no. of people pass everything.
And everyone live happily ever after.
except for me,'cause I friggin fail,my friggin maths(only maths) by just friggin 7 marks. :(
And my parents still doesn't know it...yet. I'm still trying to figure out how to tell.
There are 2 possible obvious reasons that will occur,and it only applies to Mom.

1. She'll nag,scold and nag some more for like the entire day.
2. She'll nag,scold and nag AND banned me from the computer!

I seriously hope that it'll be no. 1,because I can't see myself not playing the computer. Plus,its not fair when adults take this kinda 'action' on you. Its like if you love doing something,and when you disappoint them,they'll just take it away from you. I hate that! Ugh!

About my maths, I know,I know,some people are gonna go like "You didn't try hard enough" ,"You didn't study,you didn't practice" "You were careless" Blah,blah blah,and then they go on,and on.

If I didn't study then how can I possibly pass my other 6 subject and not this only one? Can't they just accept the fact that we went and sit for the paper and tried our verybest? Most people in my family overreact because of this 'situation'. (I'm talking about usual every year exams ,not the major ones.)

Oh and I also hate when people compare themselves to another like "She could get this high marks,why can't you?" Its not only annoying when people say that to you but it hurts too. Really. Sometimes we really need to know what our standard is and not have expections that is waaay beyond that or to high.

Now I'm still thinking how am I gonna face this thing. But on the bright side I got 1st position for Literature! Yay! :)

One of my teachers said this,
"What is done,is done,it cannot be change"
Then I asked myself
"Is it too late to improve the 'things' that are done,the next time 'round?'

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm gonna get my exam results tomorrow! Should I be happy or afraid?

Okay,I am so,so pissed off with my Internet connection. Its like one minute its working perfectly fine,than the later on it just fail and crash. Its so annoying!

You know what could be better? If only computer comes with their own Internet connection,is like when bought the network is already in the computer itself. Then it'll be much easier to bring it wherever we want to without having to worry whether there's a service or whatever.

+++ we don't have to trouble ourselves to buy the modem,the USB thingy. If it was that easy,I won't have to deal with this suck-ish Internet connection of mine. *sigh*