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Monday, September 28, 2009

My life in school has been such a draaaaggg. EOY is in two more weeks and I am not really ready. Every day,every school week day I feel very,in fact extremely tired because;

I'll have to wake up or force to walk up like what? 5-6 AM or something,Dad send me to school. Then I enter those 'Wonderful' school gates and get to see all my schoolmates and everything. Then I go through the most some of the most boring,hard lessons of my teenage high school years. Blah,blah,blah. Its time to go home. Those are the most the best times ,i must say,but,you don't know how i want to take a cab home everyday.Seriously. But sadly I can't. So I have to travel like about 21 km from school to reach home. I take the train,then the bus And then I'm FINALLY home! THE END!. So that's the reason why I'm tired and why I dread school days.

Maths was okay today,in fact I kinda,sorta thought it was...FUN! English was good as always. And you know what? This time 'round I'm terrified of not able to get high marks for EOY. Geography,was boring. I dislike Geography. We had a class test last week,and the results just came in today. I passed. Thankfully!

The one thing that I really could not,never stand about all these exams,test issues is, competition. Yea,my friends are competing and arguing among each other. I don't even know what for,or what's the point of it all. I mean sure go ahead,do your very best and score high marks,but there's no need to compete between each other. Sometimes,theses things leads to arguments and then,eventually fights.For me,I hate competing for things unreasonably,for this case,I'm more like "I did well,I tried my best. Who cares if they got higher than me.Its my future we're talking about,not them,and their marks does not mean any thing,or affect me in any way."

And also we got our subjects guide form. It tells us what subject is offered to our stream,and sub jets that are best for us.
I was thinking of taking Literature. Definitely. I haven't decided on whether to choose between Biology or Physics. Or choose between Art and DnT. Media Studies isn't an option for me anymore. *Saddened* Damn,I really wanted to take that subject!
And we also have this thing call 'STREAM' There is;

1) Express: This are people who are,whaddya call it,err...sorta smart? (4 yrs in school)
2) Normal Academic(NA): Average people,I'm this 'stream' (5 yrs in school)

There's one more,but our school doesn't have it. So,its like in Year 1 and 2 NA students can be promoted to Exp. if they're marks are like above 70%,but don't get too excited 'cause Exp. classes are really fast at their lessons. And if you can't catch up,be prepare to drop to the NA classes or end up screwing your eduction years.

I decided to stay in NA. I have everything planned in fact. Stay in NA,'cause i don't think I can't cope if I'm in Exp. Do well in this classes. And end up in a good college. 'Cause to me, its worth spending 5 yrs in school (even though its boring and long) than getting promoted to Exp. then,thinking "OMG,I am like one of the smartest students here!". Eventually you have that type ego( I hate that ego by the way),your studies will start slipping down slowly,that you don't even realise it,cause your too busy boasting and about yourself,and relaxing,then BAM! Bye,bye scholarship. Now that does sound like a happy ending to me.:p (No offence to anyone) Other than not being able to cope,I'll be studying day and night trying to maintain that my results.

So,i have decided,and that is that. I know what I what. People can say what they wanna say and I''l be like 'WHATEVER!' :D

Saturday, September 26, 2009


My whole family,seems a bit cramp. LOL!

My cousins.I'm the one wearing black :D

OMG! Isn't he cute!! Nephew <3

So this was when we went visting on Sunday,during Hari Raya. I love my family,and i also like wearing the abaya during Hari Raya :D

I relate to the toothbrush,because I often whine about things and not think twice over the fact that they're are many more people who are in a much more worst state than me. The fact just doesn't cross my mind when I'm in my bad situation. I'll be like "Oh no,today is my worst day ever" than I'll be like sulking and being sorry for myself. But when it comes to the day when someone tells me that there are many more people who are in much more poor state than I am,I'll be feeling bad and guilty about. So I'm learning to control myself and think about other people more. Right now,I kinda feel sorry for the toilet paper,who will have thought that it felt that way?!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Everything went well today.Glad! I skipped school,and totally feel bad about it. How can I not. EOY,is like coming soon. Real soon. And I can still fool around like this. Wow,how extraordinary!! :o I need to get my Geography,Maths and Science straight. Its still a bit screwed.

Mom has a thing for ghost stories and suchs now. Since last Sunday. She's been listening to ghost stories that's aired at 12 midnight on one of our radio stations. Then she goes on telling about the stories she's heard to other people. I listen to the stories she tells,'cause I'm not really brave enough to listen to these sort things. Because it just creeps me out most of the time. (Believe me,the stories that are told,are pretty scary)So then she goes on repeating these stories she hears to people and does she gets scared? Yeah she does,well she did yesterday. After hearing just two stories,she turned off the radio,closed the bedroom windows,'on' the air-conditioner and quickly went to sleep. She told us that herself. Now she starts covering the mirror in my bedroom with blankets(she sad something about mirrors and how they are....),and also some other stuffs about windows and antique stuffs. I wonder how long she can keep up with these,well,she'll get over it eventually :)

And yeah,tomorrow's Friday!! :D

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tokio Hotel

Tom Kaulitz

AHH!!!!! I love him.Tom Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel!! (thanks alot Alisha)
Here's 3 main reason why I love,

1. He's SO cute,and hot!!
2. He reminds me of someone...that i also like-not a celebrity-but someone,someone.
3.He's SO hot and cute!!!
Among those three main reasons,I like no. 2. He really reminds me of someone that I know of...which is a bad thing 'cause its sad but despite that I love the fact that he does. :D

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I went visiting yesterday. The 'visiting day was a really bad day choice,because there was school the following day,and our family know that we will definitely,no doubt,get back home late.

So i said to Dad, "If i don't wake up for school on Tuesday,I'll put the blame on you." And so, it turned out that i cannot-not don't want to-go to school ,because of somethings...

Yea,so this year's Hari Raya's visiting was how do i put,how do i put it?...boring and rushing! I observe some interesting things when we going from house to house,

-This thing happens EVERY YEAR and the same things are said every time,
Every time,when my relatives visits or i visit them,and whenever they/my family finish eating they'll/we take their dirty plate to the sink and start washing them despite knowing that the owner of the house will clean it up. And i hear this phrase every time "No,no,no just put it there,I'll wash it." And the visitor of the house says "Nevermind,nevermind I don't want to trouble you." Yes,i hear that every time,not only during this festive season,but whenever we go and visit any of our relatives anytime of the year. And everytime when this commonly sentence being use,I'll be thinking,"Are they just being polite,and say that they'll wash 'em or do they REALLY wanna wash 'em??" "I wonder if they really want us(visitors) to wash those plates ourselves."

-Every year,our family-whole family,with my cousins and all- takes a family photograph at my house,we will be all hype about how the it,and careful to make sure that every angle,lighting,pose is perfect,but sadly the picture is never printed out or washed. :(

-What else...hmm... Oh right,Mom. This year, around like 11PM at night. Obviously. She went on and on and on telling about repeating about ghost stories. I don't mind if people wanna tell 'em in the afternoon or whatever. But it was like late at night and we were all very tired,and there she was telling about ghosts and stuffs. I was like "I get it! We all get it,we all knew what happened! And I just please I just wanna get some peace here!

-I have learned not to clean up the house for any festive season or occasion at the last minute because that is when my Mom will gets all cranky at me. Its like I'll be sitting there watching TV or doing something,and all of a sudden she'll be all mad at me for no reason at all. And also,I had to clean up my entire messy room in 24hrs. So note-to-self:Never leave the room unclean till the last minute.

-Now,since all of us are old and mature(my cousins and I) don't count the decorative lights that are hung on people's house windows. I remembered how we used to count them and we were like, "Who counts the most/finds the most decorative lights wins!" Yea,so now we don't do that anymore.

-Also,now,we don't get all fussed up over the money that we've collected. Last time we used to "Hey,they gave us 10 bucks""She didn't gave us/me any money :(" And once we reached at our Aunt's house,which we usually means that's our last house visit,i remembered when we used to add up all our money and see who gets the most $$$. But now,it's completely different,instead of adding up all of money,we don't really care about how much we got and just lie down and Zzzzz.

So that's most of the things that I noticed about how our family celebrate Hari Raya. And since last year,I've never really care about how or what I was going to wear for the occasion(I wore last year's costume)...and I don't know why either.

Sunday, September 20, 2009



I was just bored this afternoon,so i just browse through some pics,and fashion stuffs.
I went to some online fahion shops,and these clothings caught my eye. I just wnated to share,you can go to the sites form here, and yeah,i love sundresses :D
larimeloom and DoveTree

To all Muslims and those who is celebrating Hari Raya,

I wanna wish you a Selamat/Happy Hari Raya. :D

Sincerely TheLittleFlower <3

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cross my Heart and hope to spy
by Ally Carter

Summary: Cammie Morgan may be a spy-in-training with genius IQ, but there are still a lot of things she doesn't know. Like,does here ex-boyfriend even remember she exists? And why is her mother acting so strangely?

This semester at Gallagher Academy,Cammie just wants to lie low, but danger seems to follow her everywhere. When the principal plays host to some mysterious guest-code name: Blackthorne-she is blamed for a security breach that leaves the school at risk.

Cammie and her friends are determined to clear her name,but this time the targets are tougher(and hotter), and the stakes for Cammie's heart-and her beloved school-are even higher.

My review: I finally finish reading this book,and yeah it took me pretty long. i was reading this book,i thought of or it reminded me about Harry Potter. Which is weird because this book has nothing to do with magic or anything. It reminded me because of Harry Potter because of the school. The made-up imagination school. This story is about spies,teenage spies(Cammie Morgan and her friends) who goes to a spy school and the fact that they are spies is top secret.
Personally I didn't like the book... I actually wanted to stop reading it halfway,but since i had nothing to do in between classes,force myself to read. Like i said, i like it when the author made-up an unrealistic school. I don't know why but, i love it and it seems that their school is much more interesting than ours.

Anyways,the book,was just okay to me. I had no idea it was a series book when i first bought it. I'm not really a fan of series books though,its hard for me to catch up. But honestly,i don't have anything much to say about the book. Its just another unrealistic story about teenagers having a-not-so-normal life,going to a-not-so-normal school and everything is top secret to those normal people who are in the book. I kinda though it has the same concept as Harry Potter.

My rating would be...3/5. The author (Ally Carter) wrote it well,it just that I didn't like the story. But I like the title though! :P

Friday, September 18, 2009

FINALLY!!! Its Friday,I've been longing for this day to come,why? Because I still dread about having to go to school. Its clearly shows that I'm still in the holiday mode. I was counting the hours till school ends. And I seriously have got to be more serious in my school work. Because guess what,today we got the most terrifying letter/form(whatever its called);The Exam Timetable Schedule. If you are teen who has parents that would kill you if you don't score for your exams,or you know that you so not ready for all this test,then you will find that this type of letters/forms are scary.(To me it does). So whens the exams,NEXT MONTH.
So i need to beset my mind straight on this.

Actually there some possible ways to make school better,in my case these are the following ways:

  1. Science teacher shows us more documentaries shows,on any current teaching chapter.
  2. The new English stops talking fast and starts talking in much more understandingly way.
  3. IF no.2 is not possible,then please just let our old English teacher teach.
  4. Instead of us writing notes for most of our lessons/topics,much appreciated if teachers could just print out the notes for us.

I know I sound lazy and rude,and i don't mean too,but its just my personal opinion besides this things have been bothering me ever since,i just wanted to get it over my chest.'Cause I know that non of this things is ever gonna improve. And this only 1/4 of the it,don't get me started on the others.

*Note to-self: Must hand in graded maths assignments on Tuesday even if...(how unbelievably worst am I,the deadline is actually today!)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lewis Hamilton;

lewis hamilton Pictures, Images and Photos

A few days ago,i got a letter from one of my activity club saying that if i took part in their contest i got a chance to meet Lewis Hamilton,the F1 one racer driver.
But i didn't took part. The competition was so simple i guess,you just had to make a unique card for Lewis Hamilton on welcoming him in Singapore,when he comes down here and tell them why you are a fan and all that. They will pick the best 8 cards and for those who were lucky enough to get picked will present meet Lewis Hamilton in person at the F1 race,and present him the card yourself plus some other cool stuffs.

I would love do all that,but the thing is I barely know anything about F1 racing,and the drivers who drive those cool,fast cars. So i decided that it'll be kinda hard for m to reason out why I should be pick. Another thing is that,I am waaay to busy to happily make card now. Its just not the right time 'cause there's lots of things that needs to be done within these few weeks as i have a tight schedule now. And lastly,I don't really know anything about Lewis Hamilton,except that he's really good-looking. So maybe,if they had asked to do a card and i get to meet Katy Perry,Lady Gaga some celebs that i really know about,then maybe,just maybe I'll consider it. :D

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

So...didn't i tell ya that Mom banned me from MY laptop,well...guess what???!!! She un-banned just a moment ago. I couldn't believe that she changed her mind all of a sudden like that,and so soon. LOL!! But I'm still giving them that silent treatment though.(But trust me,it won't last very long.)
On Monday,yesterday and today was not very good. I'm not being negative and all,but,it was not good. AT ALL!
I beginning to hate school more than ever now. Okay,let's not use the word 'HATE',its too emotionally strong. Well,I despise,dread,am very annoyed,dislike etc. school. And I have to endure it for another,3 more weeks. Surprisingly,I can't wait for end-of-year exams to arrive,so that I can get over this quickly and possibly soon.

Oh,yesterday,we had AES. Personally,I think,there is no need to for this class for us,instead of me knowing and learning how to play drums,it carries a burden on me,and i learn how humiliation could effect someone lives one way,or another. Yea,we kinda learn how to play drums,but its not like the rockstar kinda drums its er...I don't know,cultural or something. Don't get me wrong,but,I have nothing against this extremely boring subject,but i just think it shouldn't be in our curriculum hours or whatever. I can't believe I'm saying this,but I'd rather be sitting in math class for four periods than going through this AES thing.

And also,i quarrel with Mom and Dad yesterday evening.Mostly with Mom. EVERYTHING i do is wrong,even the smallest things. School,home,everywhere! Its just so,so,so...hurtful...D: Mom banned me from using MY laptop,but,I don't really mind,'cause my exams are in 20 days and I was hoping to get rid of my distractions anyway,so...whatever,I'll live. I can blog at my Grandma's house anyway..
I 'm like giving them the silent treatment now. I have no choice,Mom went to far this time. I know,I'm complaining how suxish my life is but I can't help it. There's no where else to vent out,school? As if!! LOL!

Monday, September 14, 2009

As we all all know,on September 13 2009 Kanye West showed how a stupid,psycho,dickhead he is during the VMAs. What is up with him anyway??! Taylor Swift is just an innocent,talented,sweet girl,who just got her first VMA award and he just disses her like that? Sheesh!!!!! Rude much! I mean,it was totally sudden and its one of those moments that makes you wanna go " WTH/F?!". Well,then again,its Kanye,whaddya expect? :p

Respect goes out to Beyonce,how sweet was she to Taylor :D

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Baking cakes,helping out with households chores and playing with the family baby was what I did and the rest of the family did yesterday at Grandma's house. Well i didn't really help alot,i slept for the rest of the afternoon,after i helped. Like the previous years baked pineapple tarts,as a matter of factly we ALWAYS bake pineapple tarts and we do this every year on the one week before Hari Raya. It was like some kind of family tradition i think. I have no idea how it start or why we had to bake pineapple tarts instead of the other cakes. So they'll be like four families in my one house baking and helping out to prepare for Hari Raya.(It falls on this coming Sunday)

It was fun,it wasn't boring. It was just...fine. I have to admit being at my Grandma's yesterday totally reminded me of school! That was the least thing that i wanted to be reminded of,I didn't want to spoil my 'i don't want to think of or be reminded of school weekend.' But,it didn't work out that well though. But,it wasn't all that bad,'cause the family baby boy was there!!! :D He is so cute!!! He's only two months old and he made the family gathering(i can't come with any more words that describes yesterday) not all that bad. Did i mention that he's cute,everyone can't help but want to pinch his chubby cheeks. :)
Okay,so.....tomorrow's school and i am so,so,so thrill to get back there,yeah!! NOT!!! NEVER WILL BE THRILL!!
F.Y.I,these are the things that are making me panic and worried about


Sorry for the BIG LETTERS,I tend to write like that whenever get a panic attack,worry attack or whatever attack that causes me to crumble alive in fear. I pray really hard to make this week pass by quicker,so that the weekend comes and I'll just get over this anxiety. It ALWAYS happen whenever I have/need to face the first day of school after/when a certain school holiday ends. D:

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I didn't take these pictures-but i wish i did and i could-its from my laptop. You know,the pictures that you already have in your computer/laptop that's already in there once you bought them...
Well these are mine,its just sample pictures that's already inside the computer when i first bought it .
I was browsing through my laptop,when i found these,funny how i didn't really take much notice in them till now.:) I know,its kinda random,but i thought they were nice. I wish i had the time to take pictures like these but sadly,i don't :( I love pictures of nature,its so calming to me. I like fashion pictures too,but its pretty hard to find them on the Internet. But i still love pics of random stuffs...and nature. Like you just snap a shot of just anything at any point of time when you were travelling,then you look back, and say "Hey,this is nice!!"

I was never really the one who had a camera in my hand whenever we had family vacations or outings or whatever,in fact I never make use of the camera itself and now it is in no good condition. Its like,if we take them,I'll end up deleting them!
Most of the pics were not like the ones above,it was mostly shots of the our us.
It wasn't shots of the surroundings area though. So far,i think,none of my family no one in my family really knows how to snap a good photo,but they are quite photogenic!

I would definitely post some pictures like the ones above,if i find any good ones. Hopefully i could a chance to take photos like those,once i get a new camera that is.

And i have gone to some blogs that includes terrific pictures. Here's one of them
Nikon Sniper


Friday, September 11, 2009

Admit it,this is one of the coolest shows that hit your TV screen! Whenever this shows airs every Tuesday I'll be the one to take the front row sit in the living room. Among C.S.I NY,Las Vegas or any other C.S.I that is out there,this is,to me,the best. And why? 'Cause of Horatio Caine,that is. I mean, how much cooler can he get?! For those of you who watch this show,d'ya see how he handles every crime investigation,awesome right? :D

Another reason I love this show is possibly because this is the best detective shows i ever watch. Yeah i grew up loving to watch mystery/detective shows. I don't really remember when i start loving these genre though. Maybe it was because it was Mom who often chose mystery books for me whenever we were at the library,or maybe I just love it,just like that. I remember how i used to go to the library,or the bookstore and picked out like almost the entire stack of books that had anything to do with solving crime cases. Nancy Drew was one of them :D I even dream of becoming a detective myself! But I don't think i wanna be anymore,knowing that i don't really have what it takes to be one. *Sigh* Then i have these PC mystery games. Some are in my drawer and some I borrowed from the library,and honestly,so far i never did finish playing ANY of them. I never did solve the cases.Either i was stuck-and eventually i gave up-or i was just afraid going further onto the game.(Be lieve me,some of the games can be a little bit scarier than what you expect,with the sound effects and the graphics.)

Up to this age level,mystery/detective shows never bores me,well,most of them do not.
It just like how my Mom loves watching the cooking channel,Dad loves watching the news and football and how one of my cousins loves watching Korean drama series(*coughs*ahem, Nuraini *coughs* :p)

So yeah,i guess C.S.I Miami definitely a-must-watch- show for me,every week. There's just one tiny,little problem though,it airs on Tuesday nights,like 1hr before midnight and according to Mom I'm suppose to be sleeping at that time,so that i can wake on time for school the next day. Damn school!! D:

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Summary: "Thou Shalt Not Kiss Thy Best Friend's Boyfriend...again..."
There is no greater sin than kissing your best friend's boyfriend. So when Emma breaks that golden rule,she knows she's messed up big-time. Especially since she lives in the smallest town ever,where everyone knows everything about everybody else...and especially since she maybe kinda wants to do it again. Now her best friend isn't speaking to her,her best guy friend is making things totally weird,and Emma is running full speed toward certain social disaster.This is so not the way senior year was supposed to go.
Time to pay for a Minor miracle.Or maybe just maybe,its time for Emma to stop trying to please everyone around her,and figure out what she wants herself.

My Review: I finally finished reading this book. Honestly,the story was not what i expected it to be,it was completely different from what i had in mind.Seriously. I thought it was gonna be like,there were three friends,Emma kissed her girl friend's boyfriend,then the two of them break of their friendship...then their best guy friend(wow,that a lot 'friends' words!) confessed that he likes Emma then blah,blah,blah....
But it was totally different.

What I thought about this book was that, it was good,yet to me,it kinda went out of storyline just a tiny bit. It tells how,Emma has to make her own choices and its difficult because the right choices would help other people,but it will cause some negativity impact to Emma. Like if she chooses this,she would make things right but at the sometime she will loses or not get somethings that she really wants. It also a story about integrity and dealing with issues in the small town she lives in So,to me,its basically knowing how to,and when to make the right choices before its to late.

One of the things like about this book is that i admire how independent Emma can be,after causing the 'biggest sin' she made towards her friend and ruining the friendship. How she stood for herself,facing the meanest girl in school-Darci-,although,in some parts of the book she can get pretty selfish..
Things i was a bit annoyed about the book was that the town she lives in was pretty nosy,i know how that can be. And also the time when she knew the situation had gone a bit too far,but she didn't want to come clean about it. Oh and her friend Joann,didn't really stick up for her,when the

So if you mixed it all together,I can say that the author of this book,Eileen Cook,wrote it all well,though some parts could have improved. But i enjoyed it. The ending was just okay to me,not really surprising though. It was a fun,light read.
I'll rate it er... 3half/5 :D

So now,I have three more books to go... :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I just love the skirt modern/vintage versatile denim wrap,its from 100% bamboo denima and that! and that rose dress .Too bad they aren't affordable by me. Even if they were, I won't be allow to buy it online,anyways,i just wanted to share this,you can find out more about it at makool loves you.

Oh and +++ this super cute
strawberry fields lime cube wallets i just thought they were really nice,i feel like as though i wanna change my wallet again :P

*Pics from web,credits to the owners.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I've gotten a little bored over this two. I don't really take this things seriously,
these days its been like;log in,check my notifications,take 1-3 quizzes,update status then log off. Done.

I'm starting to get lazy to update this,comment that.
My facebook is just nothing much...I've stopped putting pics like,long ago,and I only update my status whenever i feel like it. Maybe Lily's right. :0

The same goes for twitter,I've got nothing to update about,and i have to admit most of my tweets are just plain boring and points out absolutely nothing. I don't really wanna update,but i need too. Makes sense?

I remebered the feeling when you first sign up for this kind of things,I'll often log in and will be busy setting up my profile into something really different from everyone else,just so It'll look extra good and extra interesting. But now,i just don't seem to bother 'bout it much. This kinda feeling only last for awhile...

And why don't I just delete them? 'Cause i don't want too,and need/want them to be active.
Okay,I'm talking crap,and my explanation doesn't make any sense. Just try to,you know,get it. :D
I guess I'm more of a blogging person!! LOL!

Oh,and I'm addicted to this candy bar. Its tastes SO SWEET &&& SO NICE!!!!!!!! :))) <3

Monday, September 7, 2009

I watched half of Princess Protection Programme(try saying that 5 times fast!) awhile ago,would have watched the whole show even it wasn't for my short memory term :p The show was okay,i thought Demi really suited the part of Princess Rosalinda...and Selena was so pretty and cute!! And I love the mask that they wore for the homecoming dance! I really admire the friendship between the both for them-both screen and off screen-i mean friends like that are one in a million.

I finally found out when school's gonna start.Next week! Awesome or what!!? One whole week of fun AND relaxation is really what i need. I'll throw all my worries aside till next week.

This morning,i just remembered that I still have not hand in my school form,i was suppose to hand in like,one week ago! But,like i said,i forgot things easily so...i must have missed this one out! Not only that, to tell the truth i was lazy to go back to school,so just i could hand that damn form! Yea,the teacher asked me to go back-when there was lessons for us that day-just so i could hand in the form to the school's office. Ya think I'm so free??!

Here's the conversation on...Wednesday.
Teacher: Did you bring the form?
Me:No... its inside the other bag.
Teacher:Hand it in to the office tomorrow.
Me: WHAT?! Tomorrow no school right??
Teacher: Ya! That's your problem! But you come back and give it to the office,the deadline is tomorrow.
Me: Huh..... :(
Believe me,i planned to asked my Dad to give it for me,so i wouldn't have to get up and move...but i forgot.

*Sigh* Well,whatever..I'll worry about that when i get back to school,but now...I'll just make the most of this week school holidays.

Its funny how I said I'm gonna study,but never do it :p

Sunday, September 6, 2009

I should be studying right now,but whatever. LOL! I just can't be able resist switcing 'on' the laptop. Something pop out of mind today. I thought of making a list,a list of my things that the people i choose can have.I mean,if a sudden death occur,then,they'll have this list to refer too.Ok,lets start,
  • My laptop...Dad can have this,really.
  • My Taylor Swift CD collection,and my books i thought i'd give it to Nuraini. LOL!!
  • Mp3, Farah can have that,she'll remember quite often then.
  • Phone,phone,phone...hmm... Alisha!!!! Perfect for you.
  • My diary..okay,now that's tough to choose,er...Haslina. I guess,i seem to trust her somehow.
  • My clothes,to the homeless fortune,of course..
  • What else?? I don't really have much things....Oh!! Room,my room,Aisyah!!! LOL! I know you'll always keep it neat and clean.
  • My....accessories,Nadia can have it..if you want. Its not the accessories that you see everyday here in my room,its the ones that i never really had time wear it...they're gifts from people actually!
  • My other music CDs, Sin Yun can have it..we listen to the our taste in music are rather i think she'll like it.
  • Shoes...I don't have the nicest and most attractive kind of shoes,so whoever wants it can have it.
  • Bags...Eunice can have them,on sec thought.. I'll give to Bella and Charlene.
  • The other things that's left,I'll give to Mom. And trust me,a lot of things are left!

Not much things eh? Never mind, whoever owns any of my things may not have the best memorial gift they've receive,i just hope whenever they use it it remind them of me...that's the point of the gifts.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I don't know why,but i sorta agree with this...In fact I totally agree!! We gotta take some let go of the fear and take some risks. But...don't go way beyond that :o
Life's hard,good,sucks etc. then we die.But,if you think it through,maybe its us
who makes it hard,in my case its definitely me! You just gotta know how to live it and have fun with the whoever you choose to be,or even if it means by yourself..then you'll just be fine.

10 tips for a happier life,

1. Make the most out of everyday.
Its never gonna come back again,right?

2. Don't hold grudges .
What's the point? Just breathe,take whatever or whoever as it is and MOVE ON ALREADY!

3. Don't worry.
This is a little bit hard if someone has is constantly doing this. Just tell yourself that everything is going to work out...eventually. No harm will be done.

4. Don't take your worries to bed with you.
Again,just go with the flow and... clear-your-mind(slow,dramatic voice)

5.Take one problem at a time.
Don't panic or rush,or your problem is gonna jumble up into one HUGE MAJOR issue,you don't want that to happen d'ya?

6. Don't let self frustration ruin and rule your life.
Anyone who has this thing in them just annoys me. You'll eventually get mad at people for no apparent reason and then people will start avoiding you and talk behind your backs.

7.Don't let your fears take control of you.
HIGHLY NOT ADVISABLE!! Trust me,you'll end up living under a rock,with your eyes and ears close,regretting all the wrongs or the things you haven't done. Just try and not have this thing going on in you.

8.Know where and when are your limitations and stop!
Yes,have all the fun you have,but don' get carried away. Your life will be very hard if you don't keep this tip in mind.

9.Be yourself.
Enjoy life in your own being your own beautiful-self.

10.Count your blessings,and smile!
Smile,even when its raining.

*Bonus tip,
Be thankful for what you have even the little things. Make a list of things that you are thankful of for that day,even the small ones.
E.g: Today,I am thankful that i got to drink my favourite strawberry milk.

Try and apply these tips,and hope hope for some changes. 'Cause i need to apply them for my personal being too :p

Oh yeah,did i mention i already clean my desk? Now,all that's need to be done are the shelves. I hate clearing the shelves!

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Friday, September 4, 2009

I feel really bad today,really,really,very bad. Anyone is welcome,to be mad,scold me even.
We got my the phone bill today,mine and Dad's. I used our phones to get into the Internet,when my laptop wasn't here. And now,the bill is super duper high! :( I feel extremely bad about it.
I should have control myself from accessing the Internet to the damn phones. Argggh!!!! I am always like this. I thinking of paying for mine. No,in fact i should be paying for both bills. I need to learn how to start saving,and stop wasting money. How am i gonna face Dad like this. Can i feel more guiltier?
Dear Dad,

I am sorry for not listening to you,I am sorry for a lot of things. I shouldn't have wasted money like that. But,i couldn't help it,the laptop took so long to get fixed and i had to get surf the net somehow. Honestly speaking,i didn't know,that it'll be that high. If i knew i wouldn't had access it that often. And now,seeing the bill and knowing that you'll pay for those high price numbers,i am afraid that we'll have shortage of money for the family,in fact,thinking about it right now,i feel terrified if that might happen! :( So,i just thought that it'll be much help if i pay for my bill,using my savings. In fact, i should already be paying for my bills now,and not depend on you. You never knew this,and many people don't too,but i hate to see you paying for all my stuffs,my books,my stationery's,my clothes all the time. I have to admit that I like the fact that you pay for it,but i hate when it to see you fished out your money for my stuff,when the price is obviously expensive. I admit that I'm spoilt,and most people-my cousins-would agree on that. But i ain't a cruel daughter that just watch blindly and not feel anything when seeing her father pays for everything,or keep on demanding him hard on the expensive stuffs. If i was like that i wouldn't be writing this letter,i would have just let be and not care about how you're gonna pay for it. I would have gotten myself those branded watches that i wanted,bought an entire stack of books at the bookstore the other day,buy all those classy clothes from those classy outlets. But i didn't,i know i didn't deserve any of those,especially now. I'll promise and I'll try to be more,self-controlled and much more discipline. I am truly sorry and should have known better, and i hope you'll let me make it up to you.
Love & Sincerely,
Your Daughter <3

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I left my laptop 'on' the whole night yesterday. Crazy right? Yea,i know!
Well,i didn't really had a choice.
If I shut it down,i knew what's bound to happen. It'll take ages for the system to wake up!
And i had to get it working by 8am to complete my school online assignments;which some was due today. I still had some difficulty on completing the assignments,
because there was no way i could print my maths assignment,the rest was clear though. Relief? Nope,not...yet.
There's still tomorrow assignment,which i am considering on whether to 'off' the laptop.
Hmm...this time,maybe i should,if love it dearly,'cause i have this this feeling it'll blow if i didn't.
Now that,i am never gonna let it happen...ever!
On the other hand,i still need to figure out how am i suppose to print out the troublesome maths worksheets,when,
  1. I have no idea if the printer is still in good use;even though i rarely print get paper;s out of it.
  2. IF,its working,i don't know which cable is suppose to connect with which.
  3. I would never try to to accomplish this 'cause there's dozens and dozens of wire,and they all look like snakes or worms to me. Ugh! :( Now,that that I've mention it,i didn't realise that my room was filled with wires;well,not everywhere,just behind the study desk. Weird!! :o
So,now looking back at the situation,
decide what to do quick,because the maths assignments is due tomorrow.
And I've been asking myself,'why can't they just print them for us,instead of WE,
not able to print it and complete it and that will eventually lead us students, getting scolded by teachers!
I just don't get it!'
Oh and before i forget,i finally cleaned by my study desk;yesterday evening! It looks good :D
Now,all that's left is my shelves!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I seem to be angry and frustrated with people very quickly and easily today
And have no explanation or reasons to that :(
Okay,i was wrong,the workshop was somehow,
rather interesting than i expect it would be.
Hmm...maybe it was the topic,no..maybe the coach...
well,whatever it was, i was glad i attended it.
Some things are just unexpectedly good. *Sigh*.
All my life i had lots of chances and opportunities that came along. And some,no,most of it i just threw it away like that. I know,its really pathetic. But i,myself don't knew why i always do. Its like one minute you think of going for it,then when it comes to that point of time where you have to try a go for it,BAM! You suddenly change your mind and you feel terrified,nervous,unsure and all sorts of emotion about it. I guess that stopped me from everything. Take the example of me wanting to try out for the a new subject in school,i really wanted to go for it,and see if i could get picked,but,something stopped me,
or at least i stopped myself because of some stupid reasons.
Then there were times that i felt really nervous about making friends or approaching a guy...that i like.
When times like this,you feel that these things are the most difficult and craziest things to do.
And seeing my performance and my achievements over the last few years,i think that i have got to change my way of thinking and this awful habit. Did i mention i often think negatively too. I don't even know when or how this things took contolled of me. Thay just stopped me from trying anything new.
So,now there's no point in regretting everything that has sadly happened. Like they say learn "Never regret,and learn from them".
And i am slowly learning to chances as many chances as possible,before it passes me by just so swiftly.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What a bore! My daily routine keeps on repeating itself..
I should be glad that there's no school
today. But I'm not all that thrilled,why? Because I'm gonna have to get back there again tomorrow,just to attend this workshop about i-don't-know-what! Then there will be no school the day after that and so on. Isn't it troublesome?
Why can't they just close the school for the holidays
for one week straight.I certainly have o% interest on going for the workshop tomorrow.But sadly,its a must,or so they say or I'll end up sitting in the detention room when feeling annoyed at myself when school reopens. Come to think of it,I've never disobeyed any of the teachers orders about going to this kind of things. Talk about playing it safe! Since I've got NOTHING else to do at home.I've been spending my time on the Internet for hours,while my mom nags at me.
Yea,she's been nagging constantly at me,about my room,telling me to clean it up.
And it's really getting on my nerves! I'm not ignoring her orders on purpose,I will clean it up right after I'm done playing my laptop here...which is I'm not sure when....
And honestly speaking i do think that my room needs a good clean-up,especially my desk.
My books are piled up,and everything is everywhere.
So maybe I will clean it up sometime later...and hopefully mom doesn't go on nagging about it.