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Friday, September 4, 2009

I feel really bad today,really,really,very bad. Anyone is welcome,to be mad,scold me even.
We got my the phone bill today,mine and Dad's. I used our phones to get into the Internet,when my laptop wasn't here. And now,the bill is super duper high! :( I feel extremely bad about it.
I should have control myself from accessing the Internet to the damn phones. Argggh!!!! I am always like this. I thinking of paying for mine. No,in fact i should be paying for both bills. I need to learn how to start saving,and stop wasting money. How am i gonna face Dad like this. Can i feel more guiltier?
Dear Dad,

I am sorry for not listening to you,I am sorry for a lot of things. I shouldn't have wasted money like that. But,i couldn't help it,the laptop took so long to get fixed and i had to get surf the net somehow. Honestly speaking,i didn't know,that it'll be that high. If i knew i wouldn't had access it that often. And now,seeing the bill and knowing that you'll pay for those high price numbers,i am afraid that we'll have shortage of money for the family,in fact,thinking about it right now,i feel terrified if that might happen! :( So,i just thought that it'll be much help if i pay for my bill,using my savings. In fact, i should already be paying for my bills now,and not depend on you. You never knew this,and many people don't too,but i hate to see you paying for all my stuffs,my books,my stationery's,my clothes all the time. I have to admit that I like the fact that you pay for it,but i hate when it to see you fished out your money for my stuff,when the price is obviously expensive. I admit that I'm spoilt,and most people-my cousins-would agree on that. But i ain't a cruel daughter that just watch blindly and not feel anything when seeing her father pays for everything,or keep on demanding him hard on the expensive stuffs. If i was like that i wouldn't be writing this letter,i would have just let be and not care about how you're gonna pay for it. I would have gotten myself those branded watches that i wanted,bought an entire stack of books at the bookstore the other day,buy all those classy clothes from those classy outlets. But i didn't,i know i didn't deserve any of those,especially now. I'll promise and I'll try to be more,self-controlled and much more discipline. I am truly sorry and should have known better, and i hope you'll let me make it up to you.
Love & Sincerely,
Your Daughter <3

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