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Monday, September 7, 2009

I watched half of Princess Protection Programme(try saying that 5 times fast!) awhile ago,would have watched the whole show even it wasn't for my short memory term :p The show was okay,i thought Demi really suited the part of Princess Rosalinda...and Selena was so pretty and cute!! And I love the mask that they wore for the homecoming dance! I really admire the friendship between the both for them-both screen and off screen-i mean friends like that are one in a million.

I finally found out when school's gonna start.Next week! Awesome or what!!? One whole week of fun AND relaxation is really what i need. I'll throw all my worries aside till next week.

This morning,i just remembered that I still have not hand in my school form,i was suppose to hand in like,one week ago! But,like i said,i forgot things easily so...i must have missed this one out! Not only that, to tell the truth i was lazy to go back to school,so just i could hand that damn form! Yea,the teacher asked me to go back-when there was lessons for us that day-just so i could hand in the form to the school's office. Ya think I'm so free??!

Here's the conversation on...Wednesday.
Teacher: Did you bring the form?
Me:No... its inside the other bag.
Teacher:Hand it in to the office tomorrow.
Me: WHAT?! Tomorrow no school right??
Teacher: Ya! That's your problem! But you come back and give it to the office,the deadline is tomorrow.
Me: Huh..... :(
Believe me,i planned to asked my Dad to give it for me,so i wouldn't have to get up and move...but i forgot.

*Sigh* Well,whatever..I'll worry about that when i get back to school,but now...I'll just make the most of this week school holidays.

Its funny how I said I'm gonna study,but never do it :p

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