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Friday, October 30, 2009

Yay! Not only is today Friday,but its the last day of school,the end-year holidays is here!! :D

This week has been THE best week of school for the entire year,it was boring yet fun.
We did nothing and we had free period all the way till noon,and we get to go home like an hour early!

So I got back my report book back (Mom wasn't all that mad,thank god!) and they've informed us about the subject that we're taking next year. And it was such a huge disappointment for me!!! I didn't got the one subject I wanted and that was Literature! One subject is all I'm asking for and you can't even give me that? So much for "You get to choose which subject you want for next year" or "Choose which subject you are interested and good at" Well I did and,Thank You for disappointing me! Now I have to choose between History and Geography,and I can't decide between them.

My class is gonna spilt up and we're not gonna be in the same class like the past two years. The only thing that I'd miss most is my form teacher,he's like the best,nicest teacher I've had so far. So now,some of the cliques (Say the word 'clique' 10 times sound like an annoying robot!) in my class are splitting cause they got different results and all...I cannot believee that in 2 months time its gonna be 2010,so fast right?

Okay so Halloween is today...tomorrow or something right? I don't celebrate it here,but IF I did,I would consider going for this look,

Seductive Vampire;


Barbie Transformation;

(This is Michelle Phan's make-up tutorial videos,I love watching her tutorial and see the different make-up he uses. I don't know why,but I like watching people experimenting and make use of their talent. Oh and her Youtube channel link is at the side,go check it out if you haven't its really cool! And don't you think that her voice sounds peaceful? LOL!)

I mean you don't have to look EXACTLY like the look in the video,but with just a few make-up and some vintage dress,you're good to go have Halloween or a costume party :D

-I know the video is kinda long,but you you get the idea of the look right? :)
But if you wanna play it,don't forget the pause my music playlist!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Love is not a thing to rush,its a feeling you should trust"
-Marie Digby, 'Come to Life'

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How many stairs are there?

Duck or Rabbit?

I had a headache looking at these pictures,especially the first one! Try living in that kind of house,so confusing! If I did,I think I'd probably lost my way trying to go to the bathroom.

I couldn't decide if it was a duck or rabbit,so I have to go with Duckbit or Rabduck...whichever suits..

Look at the last one,I thought the lady came out of the puzzle picture,that the guy was trying to solve!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Have you ever wonder why when you're friends with the opposite sex,best friends(like the two of you always hang out together),people will assume that the two of you are bf/gf?
I mean seriously,I have heard this kind of story a million times in my entire life. It happens everywhere,in books,TV shows,movies. It also happens to some celebrities.

Its like people will start asking things like, "Hey,are you guys 'together'?" or "Come on,you guys always hang out together,surely there must be some kind of 'feeling"
Then we go on like "No,we're just friends!" (That line is most common line that I've heard)

I really don't think that everyone who are best friends with the opposite sex have,dated each other before. I mean its kinda cool having a best friend like that. Sure we won't have everything in common and obviously cant do some things together,but I mean its fine as long as the friendship is great and there's trust.(Trust is important in friendships)

But I can say that there are people who 'accidentally' fall for their best friend. Here are the three main ones that I've seen/heard before;

Scenario 1:
Your best friend falls for you,but YOU don't feel the same way. Then when you found out,everything may or may be (hopefully not) awkward between the two of you.
And you try telling him/her that you don't feel the same way trying not to hurt his feelings.

Scenario 2:
Its the same as 1 but its YOU who falls for your best friend. And all sort of emotions occur. Then everything may or may not be (hopefuly not too) awkward between the two of you.....

Scenario 3:
Both of you fall for each other,but have no idea what to because if you decide to be together,and if things go wrong and if you guys break up,the friendship that you had at the beginning,before getting together,it may not come back. Hence,you lose a friend.

This things happen all the time,and you don't know what will happen next. Maybe something bad or good. I just think that we need to think things thoroughly before making a decision. And to have self-control for our emotions.

-I apologise if this post doesn't really make sense. I had post writer's block,and this was the only thing that came up to my mind.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Its the start of the week already,:( I'm posting a little late 'cause my computer got sick again! So anyway, I was tagged in post, Yay!!! Thank you BB.

'Honest Scrap' ;

I'm suppose to list down 10 random things/truths about myself,so lets begin,

1. I love the Internet.
Yeah,I can spent hours on the computer;watching funny videos,looking up on gossip sites,downloading music...not mention blogging :)

2. Whenever I listen to my ipod/mp3,I'll go daydream.
No matter where I am,as long I have my earplugs on and the music is playing,I'll will definitely daydream.

3. I love watching soap operas.
I got this from my Mom I guess,I try not to miss an episode if possible. I love the drama in there,the more dramatic it is,the better.

4. I am terrified of lizards.
Ewww!! I'll probably scream my lungs out if I see one. It just disgust me,I don't know why though. One time,there was this show about some guy that actually ate them,whenever he comes across those little reptiles! Disgusting much?

5. I'm pretty much a boring person.
I assumed that I am though. I'm not that wild..My idea of getting to know someone or hanging out with them is just sit around and share our thoughts.

6. I prefer Twitter than Facebook.
Sorry Facebook lovers! I actually think that Twitter is much more convenient(not that I think Facebok isn't). I spent more time on Twitter and another reason why I love about it is that its also a little gossip site,where you know what celebrities are up to ands maybe know what your friends are gossiping about.

7. Reading distracts me from everything else.
Its true,if I have a problem or something is bothering my mind,all I gotta do to forget about it for awhile is read. And it has to be something really interesting and something I really am into. Its like when I read,my brain doesn't think about anything else except the thing that I'm reading. So it reading really calms me down.

8. My life is full of 'What if(s)'
I often regret about the things that I've done or what I don't do. Its like then I askedmyself, "What if,I've done that? "What if I didn't did that?"
It happens everytime. Then I'll try to not think about it,but a few minutes later I think about it again.

9. I don't really have a best friend.
I don't have really have since I started secondary school. Well,I did,but things didn't turn out right and I suffered being friends with her. But now,she we're not 'best' friends anymore. So,I mix around with everyone.
I don't really mind not having a best friend-who goes everywhere with you. I'm learning to be independent on my own. And to tell the truth I love it.

10. I have a habit of falling to hard for some,then I'll end up being disappointed and all sad.
This happens to me a lot of times. Its like one day,you are head over heels for someone,then the next day you'll realise that your out of his


Now that was fun! LOL! Should I spread 'Honest Scrap'? I think I should... So,I am gonna tag,Random Rawr, and My Itchy Foot,

Saturday, October 24, 2009

This is kinda old but I couldn't resist posting it. I love his shows-Whatthebuck-on YouTube (even if its kinda annoying and gay sometimes) but he's really funny! And I was L.M.A.O to this one. This is one of my fave songs. LOL!! :P

*If you wanna play it,don't forget to pause the song on my music playlist.

-Sorry if this post disturbed you!

Friday, October 23, 2009

I found it and thought I just shared.

I would most probably avoid the boorish and arguer guys :p

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Summary: "The ups and downs of Love and Friendship"
Rhiannon is devastated after the breakup with her boyfriend and is desperately wants him back. But love comes easy for Nicole. Her ex is still in the picture,pinning for her but she can't help having a new crush. And then there's James,hopelessly in love with his best friend,Rhiannon,who is too blind to see that their can be so much more. Just when things couldn't get more complicated,the school's resident mean girl decides she is intent on ruining everyone life. James,Nicole,and Rhiannon are not going to let this slide,but will their desire to take down the mean girl bring these friends exactly what they want?

My review: I finished reading this like just awhile back.
So,just when I thought this story was a typical 'my bestfreind turns into my bf/gf story' it then turned out to be about how Rhiannon friend's Nicole got abused by her Dad. There are two types of abuse in this one,one was Nicole's Dad abusing her,the other was Sheila-another girl in the story-who got 'hurt' by her boyfriend.
If you like and are curious about each of the main characters point of view and repeat scenes,than this book is for you.

Its was kinda boring for me actually,to have to read 3 people views and read how the the same scenes were told again. The story goes on how the teenagers go to this 'sorta for smart students school'. How most of the characters are smart and all.

One thing about the story I noticed is that,if you are reading Rhiannon POV there's always this 'Questions' that she asked herself. The story isn't really about abused just that when you are coming to the end of the story than you realise "Oh,so this is what gonna come next!" something like that.

Another thing about the story is that Nicole has a 'crush' on her Maths teacher. Which I though was very wrong,at first I thought her new crush was this guy,Max-who appears in the story for just a split second-but no,she was falling for her teacher,and the teacher maybe didn't realise it,if her did realise it then he was hitting on her too,'cause when you read the story you'll see how he shares stories together,lunch-ing together. Plus,her ex was a great character to me,I didn't see why she broke up with him.

Not forgetting,in my opinion,Rhiannon was being really pathetic into getting her boyfriend back. just read the story and see what she does,thinking that the flowers she received in her lockers are from her ex and all.

So,my rating is, 3half/5

This book killed my boredom in class (we had free period all throughout the day)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Today the class got back our exam results.
Quite a no. of people pass everything.
And everyone live happily ever after.
except for me,'cause I friggin fail,my friggin maths(only maths) by just friggin 7 marks. :(
And my parents still doesn't know it...yet. I'm still trying to figure out how to tell.
There are 2 possible obvious reasons that will occur,and it only applies to Mom.

1. She'll nag,scold and nag some more for like the entire day.
2. She'll nag,scold and nag AND banned me from the computer!

I seriously hope that it'll be no. 1,because I can't see myself not playing the computer. Plus,its not fair when adults take this kinda 'action' on you. Its like if you love doing something,and when you disappoint them,they'll just take it away from you. I hate that! Ugh!

About my maths, I know,I know,some people are gonna go like "You didn't try hard enough" ,"You didn't study,you didn't practice" "You were careless" Blah,blah blah,and then they go on,and on.

If I didn't study then how can I possibly pass my other 6 subject and not this only one? Can't they just accept the fact that we went and sit for the paper and tried our verybest? Most people in my family overreact because of this 'situation'. (I'm talking about usual every year exams ,not the major ones.)

Oh and I also hate when people compare themselves to another like "She could get this high marks,why can't you?" Its not only annoying when people say that to you but it hurts too. Really. Sometimes we really need to know what our standard is and not have expections that is waaay beyond that or to high.

Now I'm still thinking how am I gonna face this thing. But on the bright side I got 1st position for Literature! Yay! :)

One of my teachers said this,
"What is done,is done,it cannot be change"
Then I asked myself
"Is it too late to improve the 'things' that are done,the next time 'round?'

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm gonna get my exam results tomorrow! Should I be happy or afraid?

Okay,I am so,so pissed off with my Internet connection. Its like one minute its working perfectly fine,than the later on it just fail and crash. Its so annoying!

You know what could be better? If only computer comes with their own Internet connection,is like when bought the network is already in the computer itself. Then it'll be much easier to bring it wherever we want to without having to worry whether there's a service or whatever.

+++ we don't have to trouble ourselves to buy the modem,the USB thingy. If it was that easy,I won't have to deal with this suck-ish Internet connection of mine. *sigh*

Monday, October 19, 2009


I wanna give around of applause to this young lady who making it BIG in Hollywood! Yay! :D

I remembered the very first time I heard her music,Teardrops on My Guitar. I didn't hear it entirely when it was played on my local radio station. In fact,I was so narrowed-minded at that point of time that I changed to a different radio channel when her song was played,not even hearing the lyrics carefully. Then,the next day or something,her was played again,this time I just gave the song a chance and heard it.
And then I was totally in love with that song! And this was 2 years ago.

You know what Teardrops on My Guitar was about right? So I really into the song 'cause I could relate to it. I didn't have Internet connection or whatever,so I had to turn on the radio everyday-mostly at night-waited for the song to be played,because I needed to hear it.

When I first watch the music video for the song,the first think that came to mind was "Wow! Her hair is reaaallly curly,like Goldilocks" & I don't why she seemed to very familiar,like I've seen her somewhere in a video sometime long ago. Okay maybe its just me. :p

I went and bought her albums 1st & 2nd. The store didn't have the triple platinum for her 1st album,so I just bought the usual one. Then when her 2nd album came out,it took me ages to find it! I went form one cd store to another,but still couldn't find! *sniffs* D: Finally,after a few weeks after her album release,then it was available! I was like "Finally,what the hell took you guys so long to shipped it here!? I don't have any favourite in here songs,i love 'em all :)

Another reason why I love her,is that she was the only person that introduced me to country music,and now country music is one of my favourite genre. I didn't know that country songs relate to me..alot! Not even Carrie Underwood made me realise that!
Now,I constantly search for new country songs...along with pop too.

So THANK YOU Taylor Swift!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

My day was good,surprisingly! And its Sunday already?! Time sure passes by reaaally fast.

I just realised that mornings can be really annoying,not only you have to wake up early-when you don't wish to-you'll get annoyed by some people in the house who shouting and nagging at you. Its like "Ugh,why do I have wake up so friggin early? And then now you're nagging and whining! Sheessh!!"

I hate it when people make such a big fuss when its early in the morning,its like I'm already dreading to have to wake up and get ready for whatever thing that I have to go in the morning,and there you are,making noise instead of helping to get ready or get my things or whatever. The worst is,you have to face this kind of 'situation' when you're late for somethings! This just pisses me off 2x.

I mean seriously,save the nagging,the noise for later,in the afternoon or evening,when everyone isn't rushing to wherever. Just don't ruin the peaceful mornings,then it'll all be fine. :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

I went visting today...again. I didn't wanna go,but Dad forced me to,and you know how parents can't take 'NO' for an answer when it comes to this. It was really weird,because this time 'round we went back home early then we usually today despite the fact that there is no school tomorrow.

I stayed quiet for mot of the journey. I don't really talk when whenever it comes to this kind of family thing. I only talk when I feel the need to.

So anywaaayyys,its been a looongg time that I've done a book review so,

Summary: Madison Macdonald is seriously freaking out
Female,16 years old,Putnam,CT Status: Single?
About me: Everything in my life was working out. I had three best friends,a brand-new boyfriend,and the lead in the school play. Aside from that history project I hadn't finished,things felt perfect.

Then I came back from spring break to find my Friendverse profile hacked. Someone had posted the most damaging secrets-AND the worst photos of me ever taken-online

Now my boyfriend and I are broken up half the school hates me,and I'm in deep trouble.

Goals: Figure out who could have done this,get my boyfriend back,and clear my name!
Also,pass history.

My review: I finish reading this book a long time ago,but didn't get to review it... I love this book and its plot. It gets a little boring at first but I could not put it down once I started reading the first few chapters. I love it how Nate-this guy she met during her vacation,who she known only for a spit second-suddenly became part of the whole situation. I can really relate to the 'Friendverse' as,most people have this networking sites at least one. And some people find it really important to them and so on. This story is kind of a mystery-because she has to find the culprit who hacked into her profile-but its not really a mystery book. Because she's not a true detective,like Nancy Drew or Sherlock,so there isn't much seriousness to the whole solving thing. So...yeah,I love it. Its really a fun read,my rating would be 4/5.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Finally. Exams are over! Yay :D Now I can party non-stop...well at least until Wednesday,'cause that when the results will be out! LOL!

So anyway,I'm back to blogging and now I'm not here to rant about how my papers went,'cause that's the last thing I wanna talk about.

Okay,this is kinda weird but I just realised that i am afraid to visit the dentist. I have no idea where the fear came from,in the past,I felt just fine going but today,no. Its probably because about my last dental visit. It ended me up hospitalised,for 2++ months! Since then i was pissed about dental visit. And today the school dentist called for me and I had no choice but to go.Again.

We have a dentist in every school here,and everyone has got to be called up at least once a year. I think. So mine was today,after my last test paper,and I had to bring a toothbrush along to school. The thought of bringing a toothbrush to the examination room,weird much? So then, I went in and waited-i hate waiting for this kind of things,why do you have to wait for something you didn't want?

My turned came,and the dentist asked me some questions,like, "What's your class? When was your last visit? Do you have any medical conditions?" I don't get it,hello,its already there,on your computer,every student's record is in there. Why ask,when you can just click on it? To add,school dentists should me in a private room,if not,the people who aren't suppose to hear your confidentials stuff CAN hear them,clearly. Of all the school's dentists I've visited,(I've visited 3,i think) NONE of them are private.

Well so anyway,they found out that they couldn't do anything and I was allowed to leave.Thank You.Well,so much for bringing the toothbrush!

My point is,now I am afraid of going to the dentist or anything to do with those tools that they use,whatever they call it. So make sure you take care good care of your teeth and you won't end up having teeth or gum issues. Dental visit may lead to a lot of nasty things. Really.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Only 3 more papers to go,bear with me just a little more guys!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

"Mr Tan,the past months had been great and fun.
Remember me; as the girl who LOVES English and Literature. :D"

That was my goodbye message to our English teacher. He had to leave yesterday,well I hope we made his first teaching experience memorable. The class was busy snapping pictures and we slacked for the entire two period.

This year,our English teachers kept on coming and going. We had like I think 5 teachers. They settle in for about one or two months,then they're gone,then,another new one comes in. But this time 'round our current teacher is gonna stay with us until the end of the year.

So,lets recap;

1. Mr(i forgot his name!)
I didn't really know him that well 'cause I wasn't around in school when he was teaching my class that time. When I came back to school after my looooonnng break,he already left. So I can't really comment on him. But I knew he like my book review on our Literature book. Yeah! :)

2. Jaeson,(he told us to call him that)
He was okay to me. I couldn't really understand what he was teaching in Literature though. Then he left sometime in May I think.

3. Mr Hu.
My favourite English teacher.EVER. He came before Jaeson left,so at that time,we had two English teachers. Since we had two,the class was split up half of the class went to Jaeson's class while the other half,went to Mr Hu's class. I was lucky to get in Mr Hu's class. I didn't really like him at first,but then I founded out how cool he was. Then,the class formed into one again,and everyone started liking him. He one of the was one of the coolest teachers we've ever gotten,but sadly he had to leave. :(

4. Mr Tan.
Like I said,he left just last Friday,to tell the truth,when he first step into the class and asked us questions about ourselves,I didn't like him.BUT,I then realise how cool great he was.(Wow,I have got to stop being so judgemental!) Make that the second coolest teacher we've gotten this year. I really thought he was gonna stay until the end of year,but he had to leave. :(

5. Mr Tan (his name is Tan too)
So now,we're having him,as our English teacher,until end of year. He not that bad actually. The notes he gave us for Literature was really good except...he needs to stop talking too fast and be all restless and trying to act 'cool'

Teachers are something aren't they? I just hope that they give us a permanent teacher for whatever subject so that it won't be that much confusing. Oh right,did I mention that my Science and co-form teachers changed too... :p

Thursday, October 8, 2009

"It's true that we don't know what we've got until we lose it, but it's also true that we don't know what we've been missing until it arrives."

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Just when I thought that my Maths was almost gone case,something worse just pop up. My Mother Tongue a.k.a MT essay grade has been slipping. I cannot believe I got a friggin' 21/40 for the graded assignment and I've been getting a 'just passed' marks for the other essays . God what's happening to my grades!? I used to score well for MT essay. But now,its just...awful! And to make matters worst that's my first paper,next week. On Monday,paper 1,and yes,there is paper 2. But paper 2 isn't a trouble for me. I just can't get an idea on how to write my MT essay.!

*Sigh* Okay,'nuff said. I want to rant 'bout something that's been somehow been pissing me off lately. (Well i didn't want to but too,but I just can't stand it anymore)
So,I am really,really annoyed by the fact that friends-friends that you hang around with every day school-are competing against each other. I don't wanna mention any names here. Besides,they're my friends, and everyone have their flaws even friends,so here's mine.

For my case,they're competing 'bout their grades,who wins over who,who gets the more praises by teachers telling them that they're smart or something like that,and who gets the more/better marks than who. I am not literally involve with this situation,but everyday,I hang around them,I watch how they act around each other,what they talk 'bout each other and I'm just like "WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU GUYS?!"

They're friends with each other,good friends indeed. But I just don't understand why they are competing and wants to be the best than the others. When one person gets the highest among the rest of the 'friends',they all get jealous. And when they're doing their work in class,they work and study in very,very serious manner. Seriously! And when one of them can't get the answer to the equation,she'll throw most of her anger and frustration on me! And you know how friends study with each other when they know that exams are coming,well these guys do not. Well most of the time they don't. They just think 'bout their own grades and not be like '"Hey lets work study and work hard,so WE can all get good grades and be happy about it together!"

One time,one of them told me this,

Her: Hey how come Rina(not her real name) suddenly has a change of attitude and wants to work hard for exams and get good she's getting good grades"
Me: I dunno maybe she just wants to work hard...
Her: I don't like it *blah blah blah*
Me: Huh? Why? (I asked this because usually your good friends with someone,you'll be happy for me,right? Well guess what she said next)
Her: There are more competitors now! (So she considers her so-called good friend a competitor?! What is this??!!)

Don't get me wrong,I'm not trying to say mean things about anyone here. I'm just think that;


It's just seems wrong to me somehow.Sure we get jealous sometimes,but its not worth fighting or competing and risking a great friendship like that.

All I ask for is for them to stop competing and start helping one another.

Okay so now I feel better after ranting 'bout it :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

A few days ago my History teacher(s)-I love both my history teacher by the way- gave us this study technique;


It doesn't really work with Maths though. Its works more to those comprehension and type of questions.

This is how its works E.g.;

-So,my Maths suck,Then what am I gonna do 'bout it? How am I gonna improve?
-So,the war was started by/on blah,blah...Then what did the government do to defend the country? How did it affect the local people?

Something like that, I think. I'm not really working on this method of studying cause the facts still doesn't go in my head.
I wish the school will just close for this week to let us do self-study at home. It will make me feel ALOT better. *Sigh* If my Maths were as good as my English,exams won't be an issue to me.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

I should be sleeping at this moment but,I'm not sleepy and I don't want to sleep. LOL! I didn't really study today,because I kinda go distracted by this laptop of mind. Psh! Whatever. I managed to get some notes down for my History and Geography...and I did some practices on my Maths. Dang,I should have done this a time long ago. But its too late now. I only have like few days until the final year exams comes,I should make the most of it. To really,seriously revise.

My days been was pretty boringly normal. I spent time on the laptop for quite a few hours,since yesterday. I wanna play the computer as much as I can before it annoyingly dies down. Its kinda strange though. One time the its perfectly okay,than before you know it,when you're really into playing,it just disappoints you really bad and dies down. So,so,so weird. I didn't intended to blog actually,but because I had no other site to go to except for Twitter,Facebook and YouTube.

But like I said,Facebook's getting boring to me,and YouTube is currently down. Which I am really pissed at because I was watching this amazing drama show,when it just stopped. D: And Twitter,yeah I've been spending much more time on Twitter now than on Facebook. Ive been alot these days. It feels as though like I just created an account there and getting all excited about it and feeling the need to sign in everyday.

One thing I must add about add about Twitter is that,whenever I want to update my status,I literally forgot that people you don't know can actually see it and it is open to the public(unless you kept it private that is.) And then right after I hit the update button,and it appears on my homepage,I suddenly remember. "Oh wait,I actually told the world 1/3 of my secret. LOL! " Then I thought about some of the celebrities who had their tweets all brought up into a big issue that lead to ridiculous rumors. I wonder if they REALLY wanted to tweet that or did they forgot that what you update something on twitter and (unless you private your profile or send a private message),it could be seen to public. Hmm... Okay whatever. Twitter is fun though. Its so easy and simple just the way I like it. I think I like Twitter better than Facebook now. LOL! Wonder what other crazily creative networking sites they'll come up with next time. :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Internet has been down lately,I don't know what the hell happened. Anyway,I have only about 9 days until my final year exams. I'm trying to get all the information and notes and formulas into my head before the day comes. I think I won't be posting much until after my exmas.