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Friday, October 30, 2009

Yay! Not only is today Friday,but its the last day of school,the end-year holidays is here!! :D

This week has been THE best week of school for the entire year,it was boring yet fun.
We did nothing and we had free period all the way till noon,and we get to go home like an hour early!

So I got back my report book back (Mom wasn't all that mad,thank god!) and they've informed us about the subject that we're taking next year. And it was such a huge disappointment for me!!! I didn't got the one subject I wanted and that was Literature! One subject is all I'm asking for and you can't even give me that? So much for "You get to choose which subject you want for next year" or "Choose which subject you are interested and good at" Well I did and,Thank You for disappointing me! Now I have to choose between History and Geography,and I can't decide between them.

My class is gonna spilt up and we're not gonna be in the same class like the past two years. The only thing that I'd miss most is my form teacher,he's like the best,nicest teacher I've had so far. So now,some of the cliques (Say the word 'clique' 10 times sound like an annoying robot!) in my class are splitting cause they got different results and all...I cannot believee that in 2 months time its gonna be 2010,so fast right?

Okay so Halloween is today...tomorrow or something right? I don't celebrate it here,but IF I did,I would consider going for this look,

Seductive Vampire;


Barbie Transformation;

(This is Michelle Phan's make-up tutorial videos,I love watching her tutorial and see the different make-up he uses. I don't know why,but I like watching people experimenting and make use of their talent. Oh and her Youtube channel link is at the side,go check it out if you haven't its really cool! And don't you think that her voice sounds peaceful? LOL!)

I mean you don't have to look EXACTLY like the look in the video,but with just a few make-up and some vintage dress,you're good to go have Halloween or a costume party :D

-I know the video is kinda long,but you you get the idea of the look right? :)
But if you wanna play it,don't forget the pause my music playlist!


  1. Yeah! Holidays are brill! Pity I'm not getting any here in Ireland.I'm on Mid-term at the moment but it's nearly over :( Loving your quote! It's too true! :)

  2. I always loved school holidays :) We don't celebrate Halloween over here either but I wouldn't mind dressing up like a seductive vampire! Have a nice weekend.

  3. I hope you have fun trick or treating :) School holidays are the BEST! : ) I saw your comment at a blog I was just visiting from SITS and I came over to say hi! I loved the picture that went along with your comment!


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