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Saturday, October 10, 2009

"Mr Tan,the past months had been great and fun.
Remember me; as the girl who LOVES English and Literature. :D"

That was my goodbye message to our English teacher. He had to leave yesterday,well I hope we made his first teaching experience memorable. The class was busy snapping pictures and we slacked for the entire two period.

This year,our English teachers kept on coming and going. We had like I think 5 teachers. They settle in for about one or two months,then they're gone,then,another new one comes in. But this time 'round our current teacher is gonna stay with us until the end of the year.

So,lets recap;

1. Mr(i forgot his name!)
I didn't really know him that well 'cause I wasn't around in school when he was teaching my class that time. When I came back to school after my looooonnng break,he already left. So I can't really comment on him. But I knew he like my book review on our Literature book. Yeah! :)

2. Jaeson,(he told us to call him that)
He was okay to me. I couldn't really understand what he was teaching in Literature though. Then he left sometime in May I think.

3. Mr Hu.
My favourite English teacher.EVER. He came before Jaeson left,so at that time,we had two English teachers. Since we had two,the class was split up half of the class went to Jaeson's class while the other half,went to Mr Hu's class. I was lucky to get in Mr Hu's class. I didn't really like him at first,but then I founded out how cool he was. Then,the class formed into one again,and everyone started liking him. He one of the was one of the coolest teachers we've ever gotten,but sadly he had to leave. :(

4. Mr Tan.
Like I said,he left just last Friday,to tell the truth,when he first step into the class and asked us questions about ourselves,I didn't like him.BUT,I then realise how cool great he was.(Wow,I have got to stop being so judgemental!) Make that the second coolest teacher we've gotten this year. I really thought he was gonna stay until the end of year,but he had to leave. :(

5. Mr Tan (his name is Tan too)
So now,we're having him,as our English teacher,until end of year. He not that bad actually. The notes he gave us for Literature was really good except...he needs to stop talking too fast and be all restless and trying to act 'cool'

Teachers are something aren't they? I just hope that they give us a permanent teacher for whatever subject so that it won't be that much confusing. Oh right,did I mention that my Science and co-form teachers changed too... :p

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