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Monday, October 5, 2009

A few days ago my History teacher(s)-I love both my history teacher by the way- gave us this study technique;


It doesn't really work with Maths though. Its works more to those comprehension and type of questions.

This is how its works E.g.;

-So,my Maths suck,Then what am I gonna do 'bout it? How am I gonna improve?
-So,the war was started by/on blah,blah...Then what did the government do to defend the country? How did it affect the local people?

Something like that, I think. I'm not really working on this method of studying cause the facts still doesn't go in my head.
I wish the school will just close for this week to let us do self-study at home. It will make me feel ALOT better. *Sigh* If my Maths were as good as my English,exams won't be an issue to me.

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  1. heyy
    I just stumbled *trips* upon your blog, and I love it.
    Hahah; I hate maths and studying!
    Hope you’re well =]



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