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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm gonna get my exam results tomorrow! Should I be happy or afraid?

Okay,I am so,so pissed off with my Internet connection. Its like one minute its working perfectly fine,than the later on it just fail and crash. Its so annoying!

You know what could be better? If only computer comes with their own Internet connection,is like when bought the network is already in the computer itself. Then it'll be much easier to bring it wherever we want to without having to worry whether there's a service or whatever.

+++ we don't have to trouble ourselves to buy the modem,the USB thingy. If it was that easy,I won't have to deal with this suck-ish Internet connection of mine. *sigh*


  1. Saw your blog over at Miffie's My Itchy Foot and thought I'd say hello seeing as you've also been tagged by her (I think). Great blog - the first one to automatically play music when I've visited.

  2. Hopefully you will be happy with your results. I'm crossing my fingers for you :)


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