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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Have you ever wonder why when you're friends with the opposite sex,best friends(like the two of you always hang out together),people will assume that the two of you are bf/gf?
I mean seriously,I have heard this kind of story a million times in my entire life. It happens everywhere,in books,TV shows,movies. It also happens to some celebrities.

Its like people will start asking things like, "Hey,are you guys 'together'?" or "Come on,you guys always hang out together,surely there must be some kind of 'feeling"
Then we go on like "No,we're just friends!" (That line is most common line that I've heard)

I really don't think that everyone who are best friends with the opposite sex have,dated each other before. I mean its kinda cool having a best friend like that. Sure we won't have everything in common and obviously cant do some things together,but I mean its fine as long as the friendship is great and there's trust.(Trust is important in friendships)

But I can say that there are people who 'accidentally' fall for their best friend. Here are the three main ones that I've seen/heard before;

Scenario 1:
Your best friend falls for you,but YOU don't feel the same way. Then when you found out,everything may or may be (hopefully not) awkward between the two of you.
And you try telling him/her that you don't feel the same way trying not to hurt his feelings.

Scenario 2:
Its the same as 1 but its YOU who falls for your best friend. And all sort of emotions occur. Then everything may or may not be (hopefuly not too) awkward between the two of you.....

Scenario 3:
Both of you fall for each other,but have no idea what to because if you decide to be together,and if things go wrong and if you guys break up,the friendship that you had at the beginning,before getting together,it may not come back. Hence,you lose a friend.

This things happen all the time,and you don't know what will happen next. Maybe something bad or good. I just think that we need to think things thoroughly before making a decision. And to have self-control for our emotions.

-I apologise if this post doesn't really make sense. I had post writer's block,and this was the only thing that came up to my mind.


  1. So many people out there believe it's impossible for there to be nothing but friendship between the different sexes - wrong. Not just a problem between the young either, my friends marriage has just ended in divorce because her husband couldn't stand the friendship between her and her male friend. Myself - I have three really good, true friends, 2 female and 1 male and it's never been a problem but then I've never felt anything but friendship for any of them.

  2. I get what your saying :) It's so bad when your friend,who is a guy lol,decides he like likes you *it happened to me before* thankfully it wasn't awkward :) Yaay! lol

  3. Oh I'm scenario #2, I completely understand what your trying say. It is akward. totally akward.


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