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Sunday, October 18, 2009

My day was good,surprisingly! And its Sunday already?! Time sure passes by reaaally fast.

I just realised that mornings can be really annoying,not only you have to wake up early-when you don't wish to-you'll get annoyed by some people in the house who shouting and nagging at you. Its like "Ugh,why do I have wake up so friggin early? And then now you're nagging and whining! Sheessh!!"

I hate it when people make such a big fuss when its early in the morning,its like I'm already dreading to have to wake up and get ready for whatever thing that I have to go in the morning,and there you are,making noise instead of helping to get ready or get my things or whatever. The worst is,you have to face this kind of 'situation' when you're late for somethings! This just pisses me off 2x.

I mean seriously,save the nagging,the noise for later,in the afternoon or evening,when everyone isn't rushing to wherever. Just don't ruin the peaceful mornings,then it'll all be fine. :)

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  1. Heyy
    That's odd - I was just about to comment you ..
    I agree that mornings are definitely annoying. I'm so not a morning person!
    I hate it how my parents and siblings come into my room at the crack of dawn shouting "Wake up! You'll miss the school bus!"



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