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Sunday, October 4, 2009

I should be sleeping at this moment but,I'm not sleepy and I don't want to sleep. LOL! I didn't really study today,because I kinda go distracted by this laptop of mind. Psh! Whatever. I managed to get some notes down for my History and Geography...and I did some practices on my Maths. Dang,I should have done this a time long ago. But its too late now. I only have like few days until the final year exams comes,I should make the most of it. To really,seriously revise.

My days been was pretty boringly normal. I spent time on the laptop for quite a few hours,since yesterday. I wanna play the computer as much as I can before it annoyingly dies down. Its kinda strange though. One time the its perfectly okay,than before you know it,when you're really into playing,it just disappoints you really bad and dies down. So,so,so weird. I didn't intended to blog actually,but because I had no other site to go to except for Twitter,Facebook and YouTube.

But like I said,Facebook's getting boring to me,and YouTube is currently down. Which I am really pissed at because I was watching this amazing drama show,when it just stopped. D: And Twitter,yeah I've been spending much more time on Twitter now than on Facebook. Ive been alot these days. It feels as though like I just created an account there and getting all excited about it and feeling the need to sign in everyday.

One thing I must add about add about Twitter is that,whenever I want to update my status,I literally forgot that people you don't know can actually see it and it is open to the public(unless you kept it private that is.) And then right after I hit the update button,and it appears on my homepage,I suddenly remember. "Oh wait,I actually told the world 1/3 of my secret. LOL! " Then I thought about some of the celebrities who had their tweets all brought up into a big issue that lead to ridiculous rumors. I wonder if they REALLY wanted to tweet that or did they forgot that what you update something on twitter and (unless you private your profile or send a private message),it could be seen to public. Hmm... Okay whatever. Twitter is fun though. Its so easy and simple just the way I like it. I think I like Twitter better than Facebook now. LOL! Wonder what other crazily creative networking sites they'll come up with next time. :)

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