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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Summary: "The ups and downs of Love and Friendship"
Rhiannon is devastated after the breakup with her boyfriend and is desperately wants him back. But love comes easy for Nicole. Her ex is still in the picture,pinning for her but she can't help having a new crush. And then there's James,hopelessly in love with his best friend,Rhiannon,who is too blind to see that their can be so much more. Just when things couldn't get more complicated,the school's resident mean girl decides she is intent on ruining everyone life. James,Nicole,and Rhiannon are not going to let this slide,but will their desire to take down the mean girl bring these friends exactly what they want?

My review: I finished reading this like just awhile back.
So,just when I thought this story was a typical 'my bestfreind turns into my bf/gf story' it then turned out to be about how Rhiannon friend's Nicole got abused by her Dad. There are two types of abuse in this one,one was Nicole's Dad abusing her,the other was Sheila-another girl in the story-who got 'hurt' by her boyfriend.
If you like and are curious about each of the main characters point of view and repeat scenes,than this book is for you.

Its was kinda boring for me actually,to have to read 3 people views and read how the the same scenes were told again. The story goes on how the teenagers go to this 'sorta for smart students school'. How most of the characters are smart and all.

One thing about the story I noticed is that,if you are reading Rhiannon POV there's always this 'Questions' that she asked herself. The story isn't really about abused just that when you are coming to the end of the story than you realise "Oh,so this is what gonna come next!" something like that.

Another thing about the story is that Nicole has a 'crush' on her Maths teacher. Which I though was very wrong,at first I thought her new crush was this guy,Max-who appears in the story for just a split second-but no,she was falling for her teacher,and the teacher maybe didn't realise it,if her did realise it then he was hitting on her too,'cause when you read the story you'll see how he shares stories together,lunch-ing together. Plus,her ex was a great character to me,I didn't see why she broke up with him.

Not forgetting,in my opinion,Rhiannon was being really pathetic into getting her boyfriend back. just read the story and see what she does,thinking that the flowers she received in her lockers are from her ex and all.

So,my rating is, 3half/5

This book killed my boredom in class (we had free period all throughout the day)

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  1. I've never read a book where each character gets to tell their PoV. I'll bet it would be an interesting change, even if a bit repetitive.

    Thanks so much for following! :)



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