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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Its the start of the week already,:( I'm posting a little late 'cause my computer got sick again! So anyway, I was tagged in post, Yay!!! Thank you BB.

'Honest Scrap' ;

I'm suppose to list down 10 random things/truths about myself,so lets begin,

1. I love the Internet.
Yeah,I can spent hours on the computer;watching funny videos,looking up on gossip sites,downloading music...not mention blogging :)

2. Whenever I listen to my ipod/mp3,I'll go daydream.
No matter where I am,as long I have my earplugs on and the music is playing,I'll will definitely daydream.

3. I love watching soap operas.
I got this from my Mom I guess,I try not to miss an episode if possible. I love the drama in there,the more dramatic it is,the better.

4. I am terrified of lizards.
Ewww!! I'll probably scream my lungs out if I see one. It just disgust me,I don't know why though. One time,there was this show about some guy that actually ate them,whenever he comes across those little reptiles! Disgusting much?

5. I'm pretty much a boring person.
I assumed that I am though. I'm not that wild..My idea of getting to know someone or hanging out with them is just sit around and share our thoughts.

6. I prefer Twitter than Facebook.
Sorry Facebook lovers! I actually think that Twitter is much more convenient(not that I think Facebok isn't). I spent more time on Twitter and another reason why I love about it is that its also a little gossip site,where you know what celebrities are up to ands maybe know what your friends are gossiping about.

7. Reading distracts me from everything else.
Its true,if I have a problem or something is bothering my mind,all I gotta do to forget about it for awhile is read. And it has to be something really interesting and something I really am into. Its like when I read,my brain doesn't think about anything else except the thing that I'm reading. So it reading really calms me down.

8. My life is full of 'What if(s)'
I often regret about the things that I've done or what I don't do. Its like then I askedmyself, "What if,I've done that? "What if I didn't did that?"
It happens everytime. Then I'll try to not think about it,but a few minutes later I think about it again.

9. I don't really have a best friend.
I don't have really have since I started secondary school. Well,I did,but things didn't turn out right and I suffered being friends with her. But now,she we're not 'best' friends anymore. So,I mix around with everyone.
I don't really mind not having a best friend-who goes everywhere with you. I'm learning to be independent on my own. And to tell the truth I love it.

10. I have a habit of falling to hard for some,then I'll end up being disappointed and all sad.
This happens to me a lot of times. Its like one day,you are head over heels for someone,then the next day you'll realise that your out of his


Now that was fun! LOL! Should I spread 'Honest Scrap'? I think I should... So,I am gonna tag,Random Rawr, and My Itchy Foot,


  1. thank you for visiting my blog lovely!
    eheheh i loved reading this
    and i daydream so much too! i just can't stop!

  2. You have such a lovely blog,
    these were so interesting!
    the tumblrs you listed on the side are truly amazing; they're some of my favourites, too!

  3. eeeek great blog! hahaha hoe can you NOT love the internet? lol i'm pretty boring too ;P

  4. Good to find out a little more about you. Re: Soaps - which is your favourite?

  5. Great. I can spend hours on the computer too. Watching videos is my favorite thing to do. And I also love to day dream when I am listening to my Ipod. Good thing you don't live in AZ. We have lizards everywhere. They get in the house too. What I hate are scorpions! YUCK!!!


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