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Monday, October 19, 2009


I wanna give around of applause to this young lady who making it BIG in Hollywood! Yay! :D

I remembered the very first time I heard her music,Teardrops on My Guitar. I didn't hear it entirely when it was played on my local radio station. In fact,I was so narrowed-minded at that point of time that I changed to a different radio channel when her song was played,not even hearing the lyrics carefully. Then,the next day or something,her was played again,this time I just gave the song a chance and heard it.
And then I was totally in love with that song! And this was 2 years ago.

You know what Teardrops on My Guitar was about right? So I really into the song 'cause I could relate to it. I didn't have Internet connection or whatever,so I had to turn on the radio everyday-mostly at night-waited for the song to be played,because I needed to hear it.

When I first watch the music video for the song,the first think that came to mind was "Wow! Her hair is reaaallly curly,like Goldilocks" & I don't why she seemed to very familiar,like I've seen her somewhere in a video sometime long ago. Okay maybe its just me. :p

I went and bought her albums 1st & 2nd. The store didn't have the triple platinum for her 1st album,so I just bought the usual one. Then when her 2nd album came out,it took me ages to find it! I went form one cd store to another,but still couldn't find! *sniffs* D: Finally,after a few weeks after her album release,then it was available! I was like "Finally,what the hell took you guys so long to shipped it here!? I don't have any favourite in here songs,i love 'em all :)

Another reason why I love her,is that she was the only person that introduced me to country music,and now country music is one of my favourite genre. I didn't know that country songs relate to me..alot! Not even Carrie Underwood made me realise that!
Now,I constantly search for new country songs...along with pop too.

So THANK YOU Taylor Swift!


  1. She's great!
    I went to her concert this year and I've got tickets for her concert next year!


  2. Heyy
    Taylor Swift is such a wonderful singer! She too introduced me to country music (my favourite music genre).
    Her songs are awesome like woah.


  3. coolies, another taylor fan!
    my respect for you has just increased heaps. hehe.
    x michelle


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