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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Just when I thought that my Maths was almost gone case,something worse just pop up. My Mother Tongue a.k.a MT essay grade has been slipping. I cannot believe I got a friggin' 21/40 for the graded assignment and I've been getting a 'just passed' marks for the other essays . God what's happening to my grades!? I used to score well for MT essay. But now,its just...awful! And to make matters worst that's my first paper,next week. On Monday,paper 1,and yes,there is paper 2. But paper 2 isn't a trouble for me. I just can't get an idea on how to write my MT essay.!

*Sigh* Okay,'nuff said. I want to rant 'bout something that's been somehow been pissing me off lately. (Well i didn't want to but too,but I just can't stand it anymore)
So,I am really,really annoyed by the fact that friends-friends that you hang around with every day school-are competing against each other. I don't wanna mention any names here. Besides,they're my friends, and everyone have their flaws even friends,so here's mine.

For my case,they're competing 'bout their grades,who wins over who,who gets the more praises by teachers telling them that they're smart or something like that,and who gets the more/better marks than who. I am not literally involve with this situation,but everyday,I hang around them,I watch how they act around each other,what they talk 'bout each other and I'm just like "WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU GUYS?!"

They're friends with each other,good friends indeed. But I just don't understand why they are competing and wants to be the best than the others. When one person gets the highest among the rest of the 'friends',they all get jealous. And when they're doing their work in class,they work and study in very,very serious manner. Seriously! And when one of them can't get the answer to the equation,she'll throw most of her anger and frustration on me! And you know how friends study with each other when they know that exams are coming,well these guys do not. Well most of the time they don't. They just think 'bout their own grades and not be like '"Hey lets work study and work hard,so WE can all get good grades and be happy about it together!"

One time,one of them told me this,

Her: Hey how come Rina(not her real name) suddenly has a change of attitude and wants to work hard for exams and get good she's getting good grades"
Me: I dunno maybe she just wants to work hard...
Her: I don't like it *blah blah blah*
Me: Huh? Why? (I asked this because usually your good friends with someone,you'll be happy for me,right? Well guess what she said next)
Her: There are more competitors now! (So she considers her so-called good friend a competitor?! What is this??!!)

Don't get me wrong,I'm not trying to say mean things about anyone here. I'm just think that;


It's just seems wrong to me somehow.Sure we get jealous sometimes,but its not worth fighting or competing and risking a great friendship like that.

All I ask for is for them to stop competing and start helping one another.

Okay so now I feel better after ranting 'bout it :)

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  1. Gawd... I go through that every day, and my friends and I aren't even near our exams yet. Oh well, I guess we can get to that when we do. We all know I'll win anyway. ;)lol.


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