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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wands,Brooms and Magic

Finally,finally,finally the trailer is out. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
I really cannot wait for the movie to come in theatres.

I remembered the first time I set myself into the the world of magical wands,brooms and magical school.
I was about 9-10 years old and I happened to saw the trailer of The Prisoner of Azkaban on television. I didn't know what came over me but I just had this urging,exciting feeling of watching it. It was really strange because at that time I didn't know anything about the series at all. But I just went ahead and saw it,along with my Mom and Dad. That's when my craze for the series began. Surprisingly, even my Mom like it!!

Seeing the Deathly Hallows trailer has made me felt sad that the series was coming to an end. But at the same time I am so very,very thankful to J.K Rowling for creating this magnificent magical Harry Potter world that everybody loves. Her imagination and creativity is beyond words. Her books shall be cherished forever.

P.S. Seeing this made me forget that Twilight even existed! Sorry Twilight fans.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Whitney-Only a Matter of Time

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I can hear it in the wind,
And when we are together, I can feel it
Theres something in your smile that I cannot seem to find but I just need it

Maybe its just time for me to tell you all the stories Ive been keeping
Call it love, but I can tell you I dont know the meaning

I wanna know what its like to be loved by
The road ahead is long enough for me to figure out what feels right

The sun is going down and I can see it in your eyes its been a long day
I promise Ill be here for you until you wait tomorrow is a new day

Maybe its just time for you to tell me all the secrets youve been hiding
Cause I could see it in your eyes youve waited so long for the right thing

I wanna know what its like to be loved by
The road ahead is long enough for me to figure out what feels right

And the sun is brighter when you are alone with me
When its nighttime youre the only one in my dreams
But you cant see me

I wanna know what its like to be loved by
The road ahead is long enough for me to figure out what feels right

I wanna know what its like to be loved by
The road ahead is long enough for me to figure out what feels right

Its only a matter of time

Summer Break is Over,For Me

My summer break is over and I start school tomorrow which is very,very sad. I think its kind of pathetic that they only gave us a month holiday and it feels so soon. I don't know,maybe I'm just saying because my vacation took most of my holiday time and therefore making me feel like a month wasn't enough.
But I feel different this time. I'm not so upset about school starting,because I know that once it does,they'll be many,many activities going on,and it'll keep me more busy and occupy rather than just sitting at home and staring at the computer screen for the whole day.
After tomorrow,I'll probably blog less,but not entirely gone or anything like that. Reason being,I need to focus more on my not-so-very-goo subjects,which are,Chemistry,Physics and Math. My next exam is in August and if I don't do well I'll be in deep trouble.
Oh,an I just remember,they'll be P.E again. Tsk. :/

P.S. Aw,I didn't get to catch Toy Story 3 in 3D. I really wanted to but I didn't have anyone to go with because almost everyone were so busy. I really wanted to see Barbie and Ken in it!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Trip to Europe

I've finally managed to upload the pictures of the trip.So anyway,the pictures are in the order that I took,from the 1st day 'till the last.
I visited six countries in total.

London-We stayed 2 nights in London and we did a city tour; Tower o London,Buckingham Place and other historical attractions. We also went outside of London to Oxford Street,where they showed us the colleges and universities and explained on how the education system works.
We also went to Stratford upon Avon also know as Shakespeare's Birthplace and I was feeling so excited at that time getting to enter the little cottage and stepping on the wooden floor that he(one of the greatest poets) use to walk on. They showed us the around the little hose,into the his bedrooms,the kitchen,the garden. But unfortunately they did not allow photos to be taken in there :(
So then we went back to the city and I did some shopping and I got to ride on and English cab for the first time in my life!
I wish I had more time in England though,because I wanted to explore more. I wanted to see the theatre,museums,try riding the bus,I wanted to do some more shopping.

Paris-So let me tell you about the embarrassing thing that happened to me in this city first. I was at Galeries Lafayette,the huge shopping mall where many,many people come at shop at. I was browsing the souvenirs section,when I accidentally dropped one of glass souvenir! And people were going "ooooh"and i was feeling panicky and then the shop assistant came and she kept saying "itz ok,itz ok" and i kept saying "I'm so sorry,I'm so sorry" then she began to rearranged the souvenirs and I went further away from there and i pretended to look at things as if it the stares didn't bother me at all and then everybody continued on with their lives.

Apart from that,we took a city tour around Paris and went for the Seine river cruise. It was splendid and Paris is a really beautiful city!

Belgium-I shop quite a lot in Belgium plus and we visited the statue of "The Little Boy". I don't quite remember its actual name but its has got something to do with him peeing,I think.

Holland,Amsterdam-WINDMILLS & CHEESE!! I bought many,many souvenirs here. We visited the countryside and it the scene was really marvellous. My dad joked about wanted to buy a house there. (i wish he would though) And I visited the clog center too. I think they're really pretty and fashionable somehow. We also went for a boat cruise and visited the diamond factory.

Germany-In Germany,we went to Cologne then Frankfurt and Heidelburgh. We board the Rhine river cruise. which I really,really love. Then we viewed Heidelburgh Castle. And we also visited Rhine Falls,the largest waterfall in Europe and also to Lake Titisee Oh,and we also visited the Cuckoo Clock center.

Switzerland- Switzerland was the only place where I didn't shop because the prices there were way over my budget. But the sceneries there were really breathtaking and I went up Mount Alps and thankfully it rained that day,means that there was snow! I got to experience real snow for the first time.

My trip was really amazing and an unforgettable experience,especially since World Cup was going on,cause everybody was so lively on the city streets. I want to go back again. I'll start by counting down my spending and saving more money.

P.S. I look really pathetic and un-glam in those photos,also my photography is really bad. I apologise for that!
I will reply to all of you tomorrow,I'll wake up bright and early and catch up some blogs tomorrow.

Photos (London) Part I

Took this at the hotel.Me,being so random and awkward :)

Photos (Paris) Part II

Photos (Paris,Belgium,Holland) Part III

Photos (Holland,Germany) Part IV