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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Home. You're Not Really My Favourite Place Anymore.

I'm finally back home in Singapore (pretty sad though) The trip was really fabulous and a great experience. Europe was really magical,the whether was really cooling and I love it to bits. Its very,very different from Singapore. But there were some not-so-good moments. Like the time when I completely humiliated myself in Paris and the disagreement I still had with my Mom. And two weeks passed by just like that,I wish I didn't have to leave and it was so bad that I got so upset and had fever on the way home from Switzerland. I won't give you the full details now,since the pictures aren't here yet. I'll upload them sometime this week.

The daily routine is starting again,mom is STILL yelling at me,school is starting soon and I'm still feeling down. My life here sucks,big time.

P.S. I want go back to Europe again,settle there and leave all these people behind.


  1. We are glad your back safe and sound. Hope you can work things out with your mom and good luck with school starting soon. I will be thinking of you. :)

  2. Your trip must have been amazingly wonderful, and I'm so glad you got to experience that. You know, you shouldn't feel bad about humiliating yourself in Paris because you're never going to see those people ever again, and even if you do they won't remember you, and vice versa.
    Whenever my parents and I have a disagreement, I just pretend to agree with them so not to cause any trouble. It's horrible fighting with people.
    Stay strong!

    xx Blaize.

  3. But at least you had a good time on your trip. :)
    Can't wait to see the pictures!

  4. Good to have you back. So glad you enjoyed your trip and loved England - the next time you visit you must come to Newcastle. Looking forward to hearing more and seeing those photos.

  5. it´s great to hear that you have a good time :)
    but don´t be sad, things can change fast


  6. That's how I went when I traveled to the west coast of the USA last summer. I never wanted to leave, and the weather and the people there were just SO lovely. I can't wait to see pictures, sweetheart. So so so sorry home is becoming your least favorite place.


  7. i'll go to europe with you.
    ok, so i live in europe, but i'll get out of this country.

  8. I must shamelessly say (shamelessly because I'm from Europe) that you're right - Europe is AWESOME haha. Don't worry Nabilah, arguments with parents are unavoidable (I mean, everyone argues with their parents. really. and those who will tell you they don't - they lie). I'm glad you're back, though, I missed reading your blog. And, can't wait for the photos from Europe lol

  9. I'm glad you had a great holiday, but even the best times come to an end. Don't worry, I'm sure one day you'll be able to fly away to Europe :D

  10. Can't wait to see photos, love :)
    I'm sure Europe is as fascinating as it sounds!

  11. eeeeeeeeeeeeek where did you go in the UK?! landannnn town ;) it's not that amazing tbh, but it's got some good points :)
    gladd you're back though :) xxx

  12. Welcome back! I was going to give you a tag today I think you would ahve liked but I thought you were still gone...Glad you had a nice time...I am with you girl...I want to move to Europe myself...We can be roomies...LOL!

  13. i loved europe.
    it was so amazing.

    glad you're home safe and sound but.

  14. :) YAY! cant wait for photos XD europe is amazing- I especially love Rome and Paris, although they've both become pretty touristy.

    Be happy! I know how you feel though, I'm not exactly happy living where I am right now, but I think that if you think postively about situations, things start to turn around.

    I visited your blog a while ago, but I didn't realize that I wasn't following you, so when I revisited today I became a follower. I really do <3 your blawgg!

    Hope happiness comes to you soon XD

    Emilie xx


  15. Eurpope is like everyones dream trip, i too cant wait for the pictures. :O

    and im sorry to hear you life is sucking i heard somewhere that you day depends on the very first thought you think in the maybe you should think about puppies and see how it goes.



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