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Friday, June 4, 2010

Fighting Your Way to Forever North

i want to be a writer, i want to aspire and inspire i want to play in a symphony, i want to host a magic show,i want to be the the friend that you call up at 2 am, i want to be a counselor, i want to change the world, i want to be happy, i want to open up in a bookstore and be impossibly cool, i want to be a journalist, i want live in the olden days and wear those vintage dresses and hats, i want not to be misunderstood,i want to make a movie that people will remember even after decades,i want to be a dream,i want to be an artist,i want to travel and see the world,i want to be fearless,i want to be love.

Question: What do you want to do or dream?


  1. Secretly, in my heart of all hearts:
    I dream of creating beautiful things.
    I, too, want to own a bookstore, an endless library. I want to be remembered, I want to make people feel something wonderful. I dream of being weightless and free, at last. I want to be a mother more than most, and I want to love and love and love. I want to feel utmost euphoria; I want to be brave and strong and never crumble again.
    I dream of beautiful things, black and white, delicate visions.
    And sometimes, in my darkest hours, I dream of dying and how bittersweet it would taste.

    And that is as honest as I can get, in a place that is not my own head.
    Love, ♥♥♥

  2. I love your dreams. Work at them and you can get there!

    My dreams? Gosh that's a make a positive difference in people's life, to become the person I want to become, to find love.


  3. the best would be to do what you dream ;)


  4. Work hard to make those dreams come true! and when they become a reality, you will feel so proud of yourself ; u ;

    All I want to do is to become an artist.

    ~ Orphin's Domains ~

  5. first of all - BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN and I second all that (I wouldn't find better words myself. And I really DO believe that if you want to be a writer, you are going to be because it's evident that you're so talented)

    And - what do I want?

    Hmm....I want to be everywhere, see everything at once and feel too much. I want to never, EVER be afraid again. I want to get lost in the big city and be found in a different world. I want to be a rock star (sadly, I cannot sing. Nor compose. And I'm shy. So there you go).

    And I want to always be so pleasantly surprised by your beautiful posts.

    (by the way, funny thing - you made post about what you want and I made a post about what I don't want today. haha)

  6. I want to be hopelessly in love.

  7. Rock on, lady! Go for your dreams.

    I want to win one of these grants for grad school, I want to study flute in Europe, I want to play in an opera and teach kids English. I want to be successful and then find love. I want to find someone to be my equal and love me not out of necessity to be with someone, but because they truly madly cannot live without me.

  8. I want to love and be loved.
    I don't care how cliche'd it is: Love is the most powerful thing I know of.

    Kate x

  9. What a beautiful list. My wish would for all to be fit and well, for all those terrible diseases out there to be no more.

  10. i want to be skinny. i want to be proud of my body and not hide it away. i want to be admired once, just once. xx


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