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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Today the class got back our exam results.
Quite a no. of people pass everything.
And everyone live happily ever after.
except for me,'cause I friggin fail,my friggin maths(only maths) by just friggin 7 marks. :(
And my parents still doesn't know it...yet. I'm still trying to figure out how to tell.
There are 2 possible obvious reasons that will occur,and it only applies to Mom.

1. She'll nag,scold and nag some more for like the entire day.
2. She'll nag,scold and nag AND banned me from the computer!

I seriously hope that it'll be no. 1,because I can't see myself not playing the computer. Plus,its not fair when adults take this kinda 'action' on you. Its like if you love doing something,and when you disappoint them,they'll just take it away from you. I hate that! Ugh!

About my maths, I know,I know,some people are gonna go like "You didn't try hard enough" ,"You didn't study,you didn't practice" "You were careless" Blah,blah blah,and then they go on,and on.

If I didn't study then how can I possibly pass my other 6 subject and not this only one? Can't they just accept the fact that we went and sit for the paper and tried our verybest? Most people in my family overreact because of this 'situation'. (I'm talking about usual every year exams ,not the major ones.)

Oh and I also hate when people compare themselves to another like "She could get this high marks,why can't you?" Its not only annoying when people say that to you but it hurts too. Really. Sometimes we really need to know what our standard is and not have expections that is waaay beyond that or to high.

Now I'm still thinking how am I gonna face this thing. But on the bright side I got 1st position for Literature! Yay! :)

One of my teachers said this,
"What is done,is done,it cannot be change"
Then I asked myself
"Is it too late to improve the 'things' that are done,the next time 'round?'

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