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Friday, October 16, 2009

Finally. Exams are over! Yay :D Now I can party non-stop...well at least until Wednesday,'cause that when the results will be out! LOL!

So anyway,I'm back to blogging and now I'm not here to rant about how my papers went,'cause that's the last thing I wanna talk about.

Okay,this is kinda weird but I just realised that i am afraid to visit the dentist. I have no idea where the fear came from,in the past,I felt just fine going but today,no. Its probably because about my last dental visit. It ended me up hospitalised,for 2++ months! Since then i was pissed about dental visit. And today the school dentist called for me and I had no choice but to go.Again.

We have a dentist in every school here,and everyone has got to be called up at least once a year. I think. So mine was today,after my last test paper,and I had to bring a toothbrush along to school. The thought of bringing a toothbrush to the examination room,weird much? So then, I went in and waited-i hate waiting for this kind of things,why do you have to wait for something you didn't want?

My turned came,and the dentist asked me some questions,like, "What's your class? When was your last visit? Do you have any medical conditions?" I don't get it,hello,its already there,on your computer,every student's record is in there. Why ask,when you can just click on it? To add,school dentists should me in a private room,if not,the people who aren't suppose to hear your confidentials stuff CAN hear them,clearly. Of all the school's dentists I've visited,(I've visited 3,i think) NONE of them are private.

Well so anyway,they found out that they couldn't do anything and I was allowed to leave.Thank You.Well,so much for bringing the toothbrush!

My point is,now I am afraid of going to the dentist or anything to do with those tools that they use,whatever they call it. So make sure you take care good care of your teeth and you won't end up having teeth or gum issues. Dental visit may lead to a lot of nasty things. Really.


  1. Hey, thanks so much for following; your blog is totally amazing by the way. Haha, I know my dentist's life story. No filling is going to stop ME from talking.

    :) Miffie

  2. Do I have some horror dentist stories for you :) Naah, I'm not going there. Love your blog.


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