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Sunday, November 1, 2009

I've seen a lot people asking questions like 'Which word is the most annoying word to you?' So I've decided to list 3 of words that I often hear people say and find them somehow annoying.

So,CONGRATULATIONS to these words/phrases for winning the most annoying category :)

1. "I don't know"
This phrase really gets on my nerves when people use them unreasonably and they sound like they they don't care about anything at all. I can accept the fact if they use them for questions they really don't know the answer to. But if people use them for like sentences like "Hey you wanna hang out later?" "What did you think of the movie?" Then they reply you with a simple "I don't know". Then I'd be like "What you don't have any opinions or thoughts about it?"
I don't mind people saying "I don't know" if they out some extra words at the back. Like, " I don't know,I'll have to check my schedule" or "I don't know...the movie seemed kinda awkward!"
Those are the kind of sentences that I love to hear,not those 3 simple words!
If people are answer me back like that,I'd conclude that are just using it as an excuse not wanting to talk to me,they have very little opinion or they're just lazy to talk.

2. "I don't believe you"
This one is ONLY annoying when people say this to you if you're telling the truth.
Seriously,no matter how many times you try to convince them (by telling them that you're telling the truth) they just keep on repeating these 4 words,and it gets much more annoying every time they say it. The worst part is that, for me I think is that,if someone were to say it,I don't have comeback for it.,even I did it'll probably be something lame.

3. "Whatever"
Okay,so to me this isn't reaaallly annoying,but if I were to hear 10 "whatever(s)" in one day,said by 10 different people with their crappy voice (just 'cause their day wasn't going on so well,and they had to answer me back rudely without apologising) then I'd be the one annoyed!

So there you you have it, 3 word/phrases that annoys me! :)


  1. ahahaha!
    I agree with the last two,
    but unfortunately I say "I don't know" quite a lot! (In the caring way, I hope! I don't mean to say it and be rude, I only say it when i truly don't know!)

  2. All of Kaishon's friends at school say whatever so he has started saying it as well... it drives me crazy too! Great list : )

  3. hahaha great post!
    yeah these words are pretty annoying, especially #2 and #3
    someone just asked me "do you even know what _____ means?" and i think that's sooooo annoying, seriously i'm not that dumb -.-

  4. haha, nice! and just to be a smart alec:
    "but... i don't know... i don't really believe you in this post, because like whatever!" :P (just kidding!)
    #3 is especially annoying when people attempt to use it as some sort of "witty" comeback.
    i find "like" annoying too, but it's bad, because i end up using it tons, especially on the telephone. :/
    x :D

  5. Haha, great! (and cute picture!)
    I hate all those words, especially "I don't know". Whenever people say that, I'm just like GRRR...
    I also hate it when people say "meh". It's not really a word, but it basically means: Whatever, I don't care, So what.


  6. Love the cartoon, how true it is.
    'Whatever' - also a favourite of mine.
    The other two being
    'I don't mean to be ..... funny/rude etc' - always a sign that you are going to be funny/rude etc.
    'Freak' - a common enough insult but one that I hate for some reason.

  7. Nabilah!!! you left out ape je!!! its supposed to be the top of the list :)


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