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Friday, November 6, 2009

So this show was like a sometime ago,but just wanted to do a little review of it.
I watched this like last Sunday with my cousin Alisha,it was raining and we couldn't go out so we ended up watching DVDS.

Okay,so the show was okay,it was basically about boys. Like how to get the guy you want even though he already has a girlfriend which happens to be Ms Popularity in your school. Get the picture right? Normal girl fell in love with the heartthrob in school,but can't make him his 'cause of all the mean girls and blah blah blah...

The 'normal' girl Georgia and her 4 friends went on and kinda stalk 2 cute guys(twins) who just moved in their town and go to their school. Then Georgia and her friends trieds to be perfect and practise kissing...all those stuffs.
I have to admit-even though maybe I sorta sometimes kinda stalk guys on rare occasions-when I watched Georgia and her friends stalk those two guys,I though it was really creepy! Really,it was.

So then one of friends manage to become one of the twins girlfriends. So Georgia tried to get the other twin,Robbie. She tried to make him jealous by using one their friends,Dave. But then everyone found and was against her.

I'll stop there,I'm lazy to summarise and explain more. Getting to the point,the story is about being who you are,not being ashamed of your parents weird behaviour,and not think about yourself all the time. :)

Oh and another thing about the story is, at the beginning and the end,she list five things that is good/bad about her life...some thing like that I think.

So I decided to make MY list.

5 Things Bad about my life:

1. I have an awful grade(quite).
2. My parents are too protective.
3. I still haven't found out what I'm good at.
4. My good friends are not gonna be with me next year.
5. (I have nothing to put here)

5 Things Good about my life:

1. I have an amazing family.
2. I am lucky that I get almost everything I want.
3. I have my awesome blog readers.
4. I have great friends. (Charlene,Lily,Farah..)
5. I have everything I need to go through every single day. :D


  1. I haven't seen that movie yet,it sounds kinda...predictable maybe? Fabb lists by the by :)

  2. I love that movie. Sometimes you just want something a little predictable, you know?


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