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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Yay!! I received my first blog award ^^ Really thankful and happy about it. But it comes with 7 seven conditions though...

1. Thank whoever gave this to you
2. Copy award
3. Post it in your blog
4. Tell us 7 things that your readers don’t know
5. Link 7 new bloggers
6. Notify winners of the award with a comment on their blog
7. Keep being awesome

Okay so 1st of all I would like thank
My Itchy Foot
for giving me this award! ^^

So I already did # 2 and 3

#5, the new winners are:
BB,Petty Writer,Nadia,Random Rawr,SmileyFreak,Alice in Wonderland and Aisyah
Congrats!! :)

#4 ...

This is my fave I love random list like this,

1) Last night I had the weirdest and dream in the history of 'my dreams that I could remember' o____o
There were 2 scenes, the 1st was I was in this room with my classmates and everything,than suddenly out of nowhere,my parents came in... then my Mom became mad at me for like no reason at all,she scolded me in front of all my friends..and the way she punished me was crazy,it was scary!! And my Dad did nothing..(This was creepy because apparently TODAY my Mom did actually scolded me!) So blah,blah,blah..she scolded me.. THEN the weird part came,the scene changed and I was suddenly sitting at home,my parents were busy cleaning the house, (I dunno why) and my classmates weren't there and I was sitting there watching TV,and you wanna,know what I was watching?? CAMP ROCK 2!!! I had absolutely NO IDEA why in the world was I suddenly at home watching Camp Rock when like two minutes before that my Mom was punishing me in front of all my friends! (Besides,Camp Rock 2 won't be showing till next year right?) And the funny thing was,you know Camp Rock was suppose to take place in Camp right? But the place that I saw in my 'dream TV' wasn't in a school hallway!! And when I woke up I was like, "Okay..what just happened???!!" It was really strange!!

2) I got new books today!! Yay!!

3) I'm an owl,I stay veryyy late at night. Especially if I already took a long nap in the afternoon,'cause I won't be able to fall asleep at night.

4) The chore that I hate doing is,folding clothes. Because my Mom is kinda strict about this,she has to make sure that its neat,the folding proper,line together and stuff like that..

5) My room is in a mess right now,well actually only the shelves. They are too many books,its almost like a library.. :(

6) I can live without my cellphone but not my MP3 player...which means I cant live without music... and the computer.. Besides I hardly text messages or call my friends. They use the Internet more..

7) Its 2.08 AM now and I'm suppose to be sleeping,but Im obviously not(Told ya I was an owl!). If my Mom were to find out,she'll kill me. Eppp!!!

So that's it I need to do #6,and I'd tried my best to be #7 :D


  1. WOW!!! Thanks!!! *hugs :)* Congrats on the award!!

  2. Thank you so much for passing an award onto me! I love handing them out and making someone's day special! Now to write seven things about me that some people may or not know about me!
    Thank you, and congratulations to you!
    Big Hugs! 8-)

  3. Congrats on your award!!!

  4. Congrats! And thanks for passing the award onto me!
    You are awesome.

  5. congratulations on your award and thanks for thinking of me.

  6. Me again. Have finished post, linking to your blog and telling 7 things about me. I will pass on the award but seem to be having 1 or 2 issues with blogger this afternoon - it doesn't want to play.


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