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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I don't have any plans for today...I think... And the yeah,I'm gonna have BREAD & BUTTER for breakfast (Nothing more than that) or should I go for oatmeal???

Okay,yesterday I read quite a few gossip sites (I love doing that) and I came across this;

I laughed when I saw this cover! I mean are you seriously kidding me? Since when do celebrities admit that they are 'IN LOVE' with each other after like 2-3 dates? I believe that they are dating but 'in love'?? Hmm... And if they ARE dating,which seems likely they are,Taylor Lautner better be careful and NOT break her heart..IF he does,then I guess will be expecting another new hit break-up single on the radio...

You have so got to check this girl out. She is my new FAVE musician!!! Orianthi Panagaris..she was MJ's guitarist... (I think) and she is SO AWESOME!! Listen to her songs and her guitar solo,she really knows her how to rock out! She is so unbelievable good!! I highly recommend her music... Plus,I like her hair :D


  1. I saw that cover too! Thanks for recommending Orianthi Panagaris! I will definitely check her out! I love finding new artists!

  2. Oh and she does have great hair!

  3. what a cute couple the taylors make. but it's so weird to date someone with the same name as you! like imagine their love letters:

    "dear taylor, i love you! love from taylor."

    O_o or maybe it's just me, hahaha.


  4. Urrrkkk TaylorTimesTwo make me puke.

  5. Gotta have oatmeal and a banana with that bread and butter.
    Just shows how old I am - I dont have a clue who any of these people are, google here I come.

  6. Bread and butter for breakfast? YUM!!! :) lol

  7. There is nothing wrong with bread and butter :) I didn't know that Taylor was seeing that twilight guy. Never heard of Orianthi Panagaris either. Have I been living under a rock?!

  8. I love Orianthi Panagaris! Not many people [where I live] know her though.
    You know, I always thought the two Taylors would make a great couple. Maybe I'm pychic?


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