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Friday, November 6, 2009

This is soooo cool!! Before the school holidays started,our Art teacher showed us this guy and his drawings. When I saw it I was like, "Oh wow,how did he do it??!!" So I did a little research and I found out his name was, Julian Beever and he has quite alot of brilliant drawings. But I must say,I love this one. I mean the drawing is actually drawn on the ground but,it really comes to life (if you look at it from a certain angle). So I guess the people who were walking by were kinda trying to figure out what he is doing...

I really wonder how do this people do it? Talented or just plain Lucky? :)


  1. All brilliant - I especially like the ones with the lilly-pads and the last one. I wish I was as talented, if I can manage a half decent stick man, I consider it a good effort.

  2. These are brilliant! I have heard of Julian Beever before, and seen some photos of his fantastic work, and you are quite right when you can only see the whole picture from a certain angle and height!
    Something to be learned from life here! Everything is not always what it seems!

  3. That's amazing! They look so real, especially the 5th one. I'd love to be able to do such artworks.
    You should check out this guy: liu bolin. He does cool camouflage artworks.


  4. Haha, someone sent these images to me in an e-mail once. They are sooo cool. He's very clever doing these!


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