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Saturday, November 28, 2009

I Just Can't Make Myself To Get Over You (&It Annoys The Hell Outta Me!)

(Based on a true damn story. HA!)

I didn't watch you at school-

Your hair good-looking messy,your uniform not tucked in
I didn't see your eyes light up when you smile

Did you watch me not watching you?

After school,I ignored you,or so I tried to,
I ignored you when you sat and sipped your drink next to your friend
I ignored you,but couldn't help but notice how attractive you were

Did you knew that I was trying to ignore you?

Mid February, I laid on the hospital bed
I thought about school and mostly about you
No one really gave me any news
But hell no,I wasn't expecting a visit from you.
All I wanted was to know
If during that period of pain and suffering in the hospital that I was force to go through,

Did you even notice that I was absence from school?

After the one week March holidays,I came back
And that was went reality hit me.

I realised that I wasn't good enough for you
I wasn't enough and I was definitely not one of those pretty looking girls
who wore short skirts,very short shorts and has an attitude that screamed,
"Hey everybody look at me,I think I'm so pretty,I act like I'm eighteen and the guys are so gonna worship me!"
I guess,to you,I was that weird,dorky girl who didn't stood out from everybody else.

All this time you kept your backed turned
And I found out frm one of your friends
That you were seeing someone new.
I was really upset
But I didn't showed it off to anyone else

Did you know at that time I decided I didn't want anything to do with you?

Now everything time has passed on so fast
But just one last thing
Let me ask you this,

Did you had any idea that I had a massive crush on you?

Oh and just F.Y.I my blog header description is referring to you.
"Whisper hello,I love you know,but its a shame that your breaking me slowly"

Is this to cheesy? Emo? Bad? Its my 1st story-poem thingy and I don't really know how to rhyme words...but I tried,I wrote this last night. ^^

*Oh and, I can't believe I just realised this but ALMOST EVERY magazine cover is about the Twilight Saga!
And Congrats to Taylor Swift for winning the AMA and any other award on the planet ^^


  1. Everyone who reads this will be able to identify with this poem. I know I can. It was a very good poem!

    As far a Taylor swift I can say I am not a huge fan. But I admire her. She writes her own songs and doesn't have someone else write for her. If for nothing else that is admirable. She doesn't use sex to sell her records, just uses her talent. She is a gifted and talented young woman. I am looking forward to see what she does with it. I do have her song Love Story on my Ipod. Also the song that was on the Hannah Montana soundtrack. OK Not a big Miley Cyrus fan either. That was for my daughters. And Taylor Swifts song is the best song on the soundtrack.

  2. wow, i can't believe you wrote this; i actually thought they were lyrics written by a singer. too cool! :)
    i like how every few paragraphs you added in the "did you know... ?" questions. i thought it was a nice way of linking the whole thing together.

  3. I loved reading this =] It’s a great first attempt at a prose poem.
    And it is about you, right?

  4. you wrote this very well!! You should continue writing from your heart always. Have a great weekend!!


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