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Friday, December 4, 2009

I spent this whole week not playing the computer. And wow,I survive! Yay! XD

This week was "TV week" for me. Since my computer couldn't entertain me,I'd figure that maybe the TV would,and it did! I watched some great shows,but my routine was kinda boring 'cause everyday,it kept repeating. :/

I'll wake up late and I would watch TV until like 2am in the morning! I would've have watch it some more but then my parents would be nagging at me.

There was one scary movie that I watch on Monday night. After the show I was planning to go to sleep,but I got kinda scared so I watch some cartoon show to calm myself down. I always do that if I got scared after watching some horror shows on TV,cartoon would automatically calm me down and forgot about the whole thing,especially cartoons like Spongebob!

Then I got to watch some detective shows. And some superhero movie. But I got bored watching the superhero movie so then I went to sleep.

The rest of the week I watched some reality shows. Like Project Runway,Moment of truth (they should really get celebrities to be on this show) then some other talent whatever shows.

Oh and found out that Arthur was airing every weekday in the afternoon! When I found out,I got all excited,I was like "Phew,at least there's one decent show that's showing!"

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  1. I watch Spnge Bob all the time. Yeah I use the kids as an excuse, but one of my little secrets is I love Sponge Bob!


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