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Monday, December 21, 2009

We're nearing 2010,and you know what that means; SCHOOL IS ABOUT TO START.
I've gotten all my new books (well almost) and checked which class I'm suppose to go to next year. But there's only one problem,I have not completed my homework. I'm surprised that I'm not really excited to start the new school year like I did for the past years.

I really the fact that school is starting soon.I hate having a new teacher coming into out classrooms and scaring the hell us out. I especially hate sitting in the classroom during math period cracking my brain trying to solve the friggin math question!

I'm guessing next year I'm going to do stuff all on my own. Because the people in our class are all splitting up into different classes for next year. Which means they won't be the same cliques,best friends are gonna be split. My friends that I usually hang out with this year are not gonna be the same class as me. So apparently,I'm gonna go solo for next year. Honestly I don't mind.

I checked my school website,and they is gonna be quite a no. of boys in my class next year. And I do not know 75% of the people in the class. So I'm guessing that I'll be out no.
But really I do not mind going solo. 'Cause I'm not the type of person who will go "Oh,I'll die without friends,I need to stick with her wherever she goes..." No I'm not like that.

Last 5-4 months (when I already broke my "friendship" with this person) I walked to school on my own,I went back home on my own and I absolutely did not need any help from any one when
was I had problems with my school work. (My friends wasn't any help either)
And look,I'm still living!

In fact,being alone and going school actually helps me think through things,and I kind of make most of the time alone observing people. For some reason I just like observing things,even when I'm in a group with all my friends. Its like they'll be talking and I'll just sit there quietly.
So I don't really mind on am I gonna "hang out with" next year.

Last thing I wanna say is,I don't understand why people get so high and bothered over which class they are gonna go to next year. Because when the school announced the for 2010,I get class from my friends,messages from people complaining and being all unhappy about it because they won't be with their friends or whatever their reason is. I was like "WTF,why are you mad about it?

Because when I first took a look at MY class I went "Oh,okay,sure whatever. Even you put me in that class,I'll be alone either way,so I don't care" So I don't get why people are so bothered and worry by it. Because I'm not. What I'm worry about is the the new teachers they are gonna be teaching us,and the test that we're gonna be sitting for.

And for all you know,it'll be the end of year and all of us are still gonna be in the same school,I mean its not like your friends are moving to Alaska or something. So people just need to calm down and it all be fine!

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  1. I write better than I talk too. I guess it is because we can think before we write. I saw New Moon on Sunday. I actually enjoyed it. (I didn't get to read your last post)


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