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Monday, December 21, 2009

Its from somebody's Tumblr and I just HAD TO post this here,because its so damn true. This is like the no.1 fact about me! I express myself better when I write than talk. (even if I do have many errors)

Oh,and I'm 14 by the way,if yall did not know :)


  1. I write better than I talk - not having met you, something I can't comment on but I will say that I wish I was as well able to express myself when I was your age.

  2. I write way better than I talk too lol :) I use way many profanities and stuff like that and I always end up veering totlly off point :)

  3. That's exactly the same with me! When I talk, I tend to stutter and slur my words into each other, lol.
    Merry Christmas for Friday! :)


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