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Friday, December 4, 2009

I wanna talk about people updating their status on their networking sites; Facebook,Twitter,Myspace..whatever anything!. Now,frankly I don't have a problem with that,but when people get too overboard,and update their status like every five secs after the next,it can get really annoying. Especially on Facebook. I'm not saying that its fine when people go crazy updating theirs on Twitter,but Twitter is actually asking you "What you're doing?" and stuff so that's not really bad. But when you're not Facebook and see your homepage with 100++ things,that consists of quizzes,unnecessary status updates and whatever other things. It gets pretty annoying.

Why do people think that they have to update their status like every 7 secs??
(I saw a video about this matter and surprisingly I agree!)
I'm not saying I'm the quietest among everybody on FB,I do update my status like once in awhile,and most of it are songs quotes that I love. But some people on FB are like this;

"I just woke up this morning"
"I'm having cereal for breakfast"
"I'm taking the bus to school"
"I'm on my way to school"
"oh look here comes my BFF

Not only that then when they start having a rough day,their status will be like consists all the F-letter word. And when I go to my homepage sometimes,I'll see someone saying "3 more days!" then I'll scroll down they'll be other people saying "5 more days!" "10 more days!" Then I'll be like "TO WHAT?!,Is it really that serious?"
I'll be on my homepage and 50 secs later,all of sudden I got 70 more people new statuses and notifications from all these people ranting and telling about their problems.

That is just unnecessary,absolutely unnecessary! Its either people who constantly update their status wants attention,or they just think that they're some kind of famous celebrity.

Like i said,I can tolerate/don't mind Twitter,'cause that's what the website for,literally,but other networking sites, na'ah *shakes head* Sorry.

Its different if you talking to someday,because you're not changing your status like
"I'm gonna take walk now"
"I'm tired"
"I gonna a sit down for awhile"
"Oh look the grass is green!"

Not only that after they're done updating their status,then they'll be people putting comments and liking them. Unnecessarily.

"Oh look my cat is SO cute!! Look at the eyes!
Comments, Likes 10 poeple

"Hahaha,he's soooo cute!"

Somethings like that,and I don't know why some people think that its the MOST wonderful thing in the world. Its gonna be like that as long as its alive anyway!

That's all I have to say,but whatever I don't go into Facebook that much anyway now.


  1. I find i ignore my Facebook. i prefer twitter because it's quick,however i tweet ALOT... but it's song lyrics and random musings... not what i'm eating etc... That infuriates me though cos i like people who have interesting tweets

  2. I agree 100% with everything you wrote. I have a Facebook account, but I haven't been on in ages. Twitter is much better (and faster).



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