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Monday, December 14, 2009

I haven't been blogging for sometime eh? I've been feeling really lazy and my computer just won't work with me. But now its perfectly fine. YAY! And I've been spending SO much time on it since!

My family went to Malacca yesterday,everything was..okay,i guess.
To be perfectly honest with you, I did not wanna go for this trip. It wasn't like a holiday or whatever. It was a wedding. So it was a go-and-go-back one day trip. And to me,I had a boring time,and I'm sorry for saying that.

I don't wanna do post about the whole thing,so I'll just run over some of the things that happened and what I think about it.

So I got up really early,like as if I was going for school. I turned on my computer to put some songs to my MP3 player as quickly as possible. Then Mom went all high and bothered it. An started nagging at me. My dad was rushing telling us that the van we hired was already waiting for us.
And I was told to hurry and blah,blah,blah... Now,I hate hurrying because,when I hurry,I get confused and when I get confused I forget things. So I just quickly got turned off the computer,got ready and sat on the couch. The driver was pissing me off 'cause he was repeatedly calling my Dad to hurry and got down.

First off,what I don't get is,why were rushing? This was suppose to be a trip. Our family planned it and the driver was suppose to be given orders to drive us to wherever we wanted to go. So why the hell was he being so unreasonable? And about the rushing part,I was like,
people we are going on a family trip. Its our own free will,this is not the AMAZING RACE. So why the hell are people rushing here and there as if there was a finishing line?

So were ready. And blah,blah,blah.... the journey was rather uncomfortable because it was really squeezy,apparently the van couldn't fit all 18 of us. (I'm not surprise about that) and the air-conditioner wasn't strong enough. And the weather was so hot yesterday. Trust me I couldn't wait to go home!

So we went for the wedding. And the rest of day was boring.
We went to this shopping mall and my parents bought me some dresses. (I have THE best parents EVER! )

Then blah,blah,blah we headed home. I have to add this on..

On the way,home we stopped at this food center place,and most of us wanted or was force to go to the loo. This is other thing,now,whenever I go places that are far,I don't really have the need to go to the loo that often. I don't know why I just don't. Plus I hate going to public toilets that are you know, rather...uncomfortably dirty. (Sorry,but I just had to say that) So that time my parents force me to go,and I gave in.

On the way there,there were like fruit stalls and my Mom asked the price for this certain fruit,I forgot what it was. I know my Mom well,so I was 101% sure she was planning to buy it. But my Dad was all like, No,we're already late and all that stuff. And apparently the freakin' shop owner heard and said was like relax people wanted to buy some fruits no need to get all angry. My Mom giggle. And I giggle to. And let me tell you that was one of the many things that I regretted doing. Seriously.

First off,I hate it when people mock my Dad like that. That guy,was obviously being rude,because I often come across people like nosey like him,and I hate it! They are just being so IRRELEVANT!
So stopped giggling and I glared back. And in the back off my mind I thought,
"Bitch,just sell your fruits to other people who wanna buy them and STFU. Bitch!!!"
I was so freakin pissed off at that time.

So then we got back home and drove straight home. And I swear I have never felt so glad upon seeing my computer all fixed.! Finally!


  1. Good to have you back - I was beginning to think you were shutting shop for the holidays.

    I know just what you mean about parents and loos. My parents were exactly the same, so much so that even today I can't go anywhere without hearing my mam ask if I've been to the loo. The damage parents do(LOL)

  2. Good to see you back! Yeah thanks to my Mom I can go on que. LOL!


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