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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Singapore Idol just finished its 3rd season and apparently the the crown goes to the same the person that is the same race as the previous idol. The 2nd runner-up is a completely different race. So when they announced the winner,everyone was you know kinda upset,surprised and all. I was perfectly fine,'cause it doesn't bother me much at all on who wins.

So I log to Facebook yesterday,(I said I disliked FB,but I have to check it like everyday,so its kinda ironic) and I saw like "What happened to SG idol" "The voting system was wrong" "He didn't deserve to win" something like that and I thought something serious was happening,like the company had bankruptcy or something like that. I thought something was going down,I though there was an issue on the global positioning of the earth. But it turns out,that people were arguing about the fact "Who should have won"

Now don't get me wrong,I totally understand that people have their own opinions on these things. And I like both finalist. I mean both can obviously sing so yeah. But people, just calm down,there is still next year,its not 2012 yet. And besides,its a fan based voting category. So the people who are to blame are the audience itself. I see all these groups on FB and I'm like "WTF?" people are inviting friends to join. And I thought "I'd rather joined,some other funny groups here than that." Everything is gonna be alright,and all these dumbass wars are gonna die down. This is like another last minute drama that is occurring before the New Year starts. And it made LMAO to see all the things comments people are putting up,defending their faves.

And I'm sorry,I can't resist but to post this, since people are sticking to all these sides and stuff,
and since what I'm about to ask is the right and good way to support your faves,my question is,

When both of their albums comes out,will you even bother to purchase them,or download it legally???

Because,to be honest,I didn't really bother about the last SG idol winner's. The only thing I wanted was to know and hope that my fave finalist got the crown.

So I can assure you,there is nothing to argue about,because NOTHING is gonna change no matter how aggressive your debate is. There is still next year to vote for your faves,and don't worry it is not 2012...yet.
So I advise you all to sit the hell down and just have a great day!

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  1. Happy New Year, I hope 2010 brings you all you could wish for.


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