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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I.LOVE.THE.SONGS.ON.HER.NEW.ALBUM. Well,most of it. But seriously if you love country music and slow,love,heart-breaking me,you should really check her songs out!! Her songs aren't really like Taylor Swift but her voice is just amazing!! If I had to compare these two country singers,I give Taylor 1 point for song-writing and Carrie 1 point for vocals!. I love her new songs,it really has great meaning to it. My fave is "Quitter,Undo It,Look at Me,Somebody when I stop Loving You,Unpologize,& What Can I Say" Carrie Underwood is now officially my 2nd fave country singer! (I'm still searching for no.3)


  1. Yes, she has the best songs (though they aren't as good as Taylor's).
    If you want a number 3, try The McClymonts. They're pretty good.

    xx Blaize.

  2. I love country music. Taylor is still my number 1, but Lady Antebellum keeps taking my breath away.


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