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Sunday, November 8, 2009

I'm bored :\ Its only the beginning of the holidays and I'm already suffering boredom. *Sigh* Its raining everyday which makes it quite difficult to go out. And realised something whenever we're approaching December it always rains. I don't why but maybe because its replacing winter. Since we don't have winter here(only rain n shine) I guess thing the only thing to fall form the sky is water droplets not snow droplets. (Ya see I'm so bored that my sentences doesn't really makes sense!)

Back to my whining,I'm boreeeddd... The ONLY good thing about end-year holidays is not waking damn early for school and not having to study like half of the day. So I have a list of things that I could do to occupy myself;

1. Do essay & math homework. (I still don't understand why school needs to give homework for the holidays,can't they just leave us alone for once??)

2. I could practice math (Nah,maybe laaatteerr... :p)

3. I could read books. (I would LOVE too but I'm finished reading every book that I bought,and I don't like to re-read them...unless they're really good!!)

4. Play computer? (Done that already)

5. I got nothing... :(

So almost every option is out and # 1 & #2 will make so much more boring-er.
But nevermind,I'll come up with something eventually...

I watched the SNL today(just the monologue),and Taylor Swift was in it. I'm not sure if she wrote the script or the SNL people wrote it,but it was funny! She mentioned,Joe Jonas,Taylor Lautner and Kanye West and I never though I'd hear her say 'douche bag'.I love the way she mentioned about Taylor Lautner. Although it was a joke..I have to say that the Joe Jonas joke wasn't necessary. I mean seriously,the news is already/getting old and boring...

Another thing is I have to say is about Miley Cyrus(I'm not hating on her). Okay,tell me,would you want to sacrifice your beloved pet cat just so you could get tweets from Miley??? And when I say sacrifice I meant,you kill the cat and you eat it. Sounds yummy right? Not! I cannot believe that someone is so desperate to get her tweet and threatened her like that! You kill it just so you can know what she is doing? Go get a magazine,read gossip sites or something! I literally laughed when I saw that site, and I laughed even more when I saw people talking about how crazy it is on YouTube! Honestly I didn't know her tweets were so important. I follow celebs on twitter and I understand and know that its fun to see what they're up too and reply to them,but am not carried away like that. I mean IF they weren't famous now,nobody will even care if they delete their account or not.
And killing animals?? can't you think of a safer way to make her come back? Like I don't know,write a letter to twitter suggesting them to create a 'sister' site,which is only meant for celebs. So that they won't get pressurize or on all the hate mails or whatever?? I'm just saying... The cooking of your pets to get her to tweet is just insane in my opinion. Come on,her not tweeting is not the end of the world right?

My boredom,Taylor on SNL to Miley and eating cats...I think I'll stop now.. :))

-Forgive me if I sound kinda rude & annoying in this :))


  1. I get to this kind of mood too. What I do is meditate on lovely thoughts or lovely events that took place or just about anything that makes me feel blissful and I write about it.

  2. poor you! i hate being bored,try maybe...reorganizing your wardrobe :) *just a suggestion lol* sorry that there are no capitals in this but i'm typing with one hand 'cos i'm having a blt lol :) hope tomorrow is not so boring

  3. So, I gave you an award but apparently I had to tell you about it.

    So... I gave you an award?


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