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Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Moon is coming out,and almost everyone is talking about it. Well,the movie doesn't come until December in my country. But I don't really care. Maybe I'll watch it,maybe I won't. Whatever. I want to give my opinion about this Twilight thing.

Before I get to that,let me tell you how I begin reading this story. I'm not the type of person who reads those immortal books. In fact I hated those kinds. I though it was unrealistic,not logical and stuff. So Twilight was the only immortal type of book that I've read till the last page.

At that time the Twilight books were everywhere,people were talking about and getting all excited about the upcoming movie. Well,I Had absolute no idea what was going on,and didn't know anything about Twilight. So I was in my local bookstore,browsing and looking around. Then I was about to pay or my purchase,when I noticed this girl who was so engrossed reading the book,and I thought, "Wow,is it that good?" So decide to try and took one of the shelf and paid. When I got home,it was already late at night,but I couldn't sleep. So I decided to read the Twilight. And I didn't know why I couldn't stop reading it,the book kept me up the whole entire night. That's when I started liking Twilight. I watched the movie,and I really like the baseball part! I liked Edward's family...

But it doesn't end there,a few days after the movie and all,I bought the New Moon and Breaking Dawn. I'm sorry but,I hated it,and my love for Twilight just slowly died down.

Why I hated the other three/two it was because,I couldn't understand what was going,and I didn't know what was going on. All I know,was that;

-They didn't go to school anymore,.
-Edward left,and Bella was all sorrow and felt as if the her life was meaningless without Edward.
-Edward and Bella said "I love you" to each other like 7568975 times!
-Bella couldn't make up her mind between Edward and Jacob.
-She suddenly became a vampire and gave birth to a half-human half-vampire baby girl name Reneesmee.

Those are the only things that I could understand. And I could only understand half of the things that was happening at the Volturi. Somehow I just couldn't get it inside my head on to what was going on. Its like one minute she Bella chooses Edward and then she decides to chooses Jacob,and then some of the characters think that its not worth living if the one you love is no longer exists,so they decided to kill themselves too,and then more and more characters appeared and I got so confused! I'm sorry but its just my opinion and I just don't like the other three books. Because to me,it didn't really make any senses.

And here are some of the other things that I thought about Twilight;

  • I don't why but I think that Kristen Stewart wasn't the right person to play Bella Swan. She seems lifeless and she made Bella Swan seem more lifeless than ever. I just didn't picture Bella as Kristen Stewart when I read the book.

  • If Bella Swan was just and ordinary,plain girl, why did so many guys like her? Because,from what I have experience and observe,most guys don't go after the ordinary plain one,they go for the pretty and hot ones! But whatever,its fiction anyway.

  • If Jacob knew that Bella was SO in love with Edward,why is he still clingy to her,I mean couldn't he just go for the one in the other girls in the wolf pack or something.
  • Why did Jacob ended up with Bella's daughter? I thought there was an age difference...
  • Last thing,Bella's dad doesn't really seem to care about her,or her whereabouts!

So,those are some of the things that I thought about Twilight. Anyhow,I'm not sure if I'm gonna watch it or not..and don't get me wrong,I don't hate Twilight,I just treat as OK,not really a big deal to me. :)

Oh and did you guys watch Demi Lovato's new music video? I love her outfit,especially those gloves!! The song was okay,the video was okay,I mean its just her and her friends and between shots,she's like rocking out. I couldn't really relate the song to the video,but it was okay i guess :\


  1. meh. twilight. i do agree with you, on the first book being okay though. i actually liked it! but then i gave up on the rest of the series because it just got too boring.
    harry potter is 8642714793074 times better than twilight i reckon!

  2. Thanks for this great post. An interesting take on the Twilight debates that seem to be everywhere. Are the books/films suitable for children? Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob? The list goes on. I confess I liked the books, some more than others, but the hype surrounding the films is stsrting to put me off.

  3. I've given you a blog award
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