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Saturday, November 28, 2009

I know that some people don't really like Taylor Swift,because I don't know she "stole" Justin Bieber,Taylor Lautner or whoever,all her songs sound the same, and whatever other reason. I'm really crazy about her,its just that I LOVE her songs so much! Because I focus the lyrics when I listened to her songs. Some people said that I'm lame hearing her songs. But to be perfectly honest,I don't think its lame to listen to songs that relates to you in a way,I don't think its lame to listen to 'The Outside' and know that you're not alone and I definitely don't think that its lame to listen "The Best Day" and say "Hey this song reminds me of MY family"

I don't really mind that her songs sound the same and these is on of the many reasons why I love listening to her songs, they have secret messages in them;

"Fearless" - I Loved You Before I Met You

"Fifteen" - I Cried While Recording This

"Love Story" - Someday I'll Find This

"Hey Stephen" - Love and Theft

"White Horse" - All I Ever Wanted Was The Truth

"You Belong With Me" - Love Is Blind So You Couldn't See Me

"Breathe" - I'm Sorry I'm Sorry I'm Sorry

"Tell Me Why" - Guess I Was Fooled By Your Smile

"You're Not Sorry" - She Can Have You

"The Way I Loved You" - We Can't Go Back

"Forever & Always" - If You Play These Games We're Both Going To Lose

"The Best Day" - God Bless Andrea Swift

"Change" - You Made Things Change For Me

"Tim McGraw" - Can't Tell Me Nothin' (Credit: ForeverTaylorSwift)

"Picture To Burn" - Date Nice Boys

"Teardrops On My Guitar" - He Will Never Know

"A Place In This World" - I Found It

"Cold As You" - Time To Let Go

"The Outside" - You Are Not Alone

"Tied Together With A Smile" - You Are Loved

"Stay Beautiful" - Shake 'N' Bake

"Should've Said No" - Sam Sam Sam Sam Sam Sam

"Mary's Song (Oh My My My)" - Sometimes Love Is Forever

"Our Song" - Live In Love

"Jump Then Fall" - Last Summer Was Magical

"Untouchable" - We Always Want What We Can't Reach

"Forever & Always" (Piano Version) - Still Miss Who I Thought He Was

"Come In With The Rain" - Won't Admit That I Wish You'd Come Back

"SuperStar" - I'll Never Tell

"The Other Side Of The Door" - What Was I Really Thinking When I Slammed The Door

When I this found out it made me love her songs even more because the messages kinda relates to me in a way.


  1. taylor swift is awesome!
    and no, you're NOT lame to listening to her songs. :/ i don't think it's very nice for other people to condemn your music taste because they don't like it.
    her lyrics are beautiful, i agree. i love singing along to them. :)

  2. Yes, Taylor Swift is the BEST singer, and has such a sweet personality.
    Though her songs don't stand out to me at all, I still love them. All the popular girls at my school listen to her music.

    xx Blaize.


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