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Saturday, November 14, 2009

I wasn't planning to post today,but something bad happened and I got REALLY angry about it,and I had no other way but to rant about,I have to write this one.

Yesterday,when I said that Friday the 13th wasn't bad and nothing bad had happened to me so far...well I was wrong,wrong,wrong! Something did happened and just happen.

My.Dad's.Motorbike.Was.Stolen.Today! By some crazy ass person in the parking lot (I know,that is so typical)
So here's the story,that was told my Mom and my opinion about the whole thing;

Both my parents were out for like the whole afternoon today. They went to Malaysia (for I don't what reason) and you know Singapore is kinda close to Malaysia right? So they went,blah,blah,blah. Before going back home,my Mom wanted to get some stuff at the supermarket. (Okay so this part I did not understand,why on earth did she want to go to the supermarket there,when over here there are like hundreds of them,and honestly,there is nothing wrong with the prices.) So obviously,they had to park the motorbike at the parking lot right? But then when they came back it was gone!

First of all,I so do not know how it went missing,when the key wasn't even left on the keyhole.
Secondly,they was a friggin CCTV that monitors the activity that was going on in the parking lot! I am guessing that they have a very lousy security guard,which right now,I feel like suing,or maybe he was into the whole 'thing'. God,seriously,what is wrong with people.

I just don't understand,why,please tell me WHY,they are these evil,mean people who have no lives,are doing these. When I read something in the news papers that says about these type of 'situations',I honestly don't really care,but now,I know how it feels. I am really tired of all these people okay!

And now,because of these self-centered lunatics,poor Dad needs to take the public transport to work,and I need to take the public transport to school,and some other troublesome things...But that's besides the point. Now,that motorbike, already like family to us (okay weird much?) and now some douche just stole and it vanishes just like that. And right now,I may sound crazy but i seriously hope and want to believe that my Dad's motorbike will appear tomorrow morning in OUR parking,looking all fine,but I know it won't happen! :(

You'll probably thinking that we've made a police report,but no! And my Dad apparently does not plan too. I don't know how he can be so calm and patient with these things. I mean right now,he's like reading the papers and drinking tea! And I'm the one who's overreacting right now.

I am really tire-Okay whatever,I just don't know what to say anymore... *sigh*


  1. Hi, Little Flower, There are many crazy people out there who just don't know what they are doing! I thought that yesterday wa going to be a good day too, but then I found out some things about a person who writes on here and has been lying and deceiving people for years! I believed this my trust has been destroyed!

  2. Sorry to hear about that :( There are some awful people in this world! It makes me angry when I hear about things like this! Or pointless violence/abuse etc. Arrrrgh! Hope your weekend is better!

  3. I am sorry! I hope they find it. I can so understand why you are upset. I would loose it if someone stole my car.

  4. that's so horrible! D:
    hopefully karma will come and bite them (the stealers) back.
    i hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend, despite this... ;)

  5. That sucks! Why didn't your dad want to file a police report?! If there was CCTV in the parking lot there should be a record of what happened.

  6. WHAT?? maman's bike kena stolen?
    but theres no hoo-ha about this from anyone leh.


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