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Monday, November 16, 2009

Other than the shocking incident that happened on Sunday,my weekend was pretty good...Thankfully!

I've decided that there some good things will turn out after that. Besides I have more important things to think about.

Since the couple of days I've been wasting too much time on my computer,I've made a list of things that I SHOULD & WILL be doing from now on.

1. I need to STOP and control myself from using the computer too much.
2. I need/have to clean my room,at least bit by bit everyday.
(Okay the reason I don't like cleaning my room is because,for me even though my room is messy,I know where everything is,and once I clean it,I forget where I put everything else.)
3. I need to start helping Mom with the household chores.
4. Get started on my homework. At least I can do my English essay if I don't wanna do math.
And I don't want to rush everything into the last minute.

For now,that's just about it. And I'm trying to have a positive thinking from now on. I don't know I always have negative thinking,and I get that,I'll get worried,when I get worried I panic.I really wanna stop myself from thinking negatively. I mean its like not every wrong move is the end of the world right?

Oh and speaking of 'The End Of The World' have you heard about this;

Some people really believe that's its 'the end of the world'...when obviously its not. I saw the trailer and thought it was pretty interesting. Maybe I'll go watch it :D


  1. agh i totally get what you mean. i need to do homework right now but i cant tear myself from blogger world! SO BAD!

    i need to clean my room too!

    thanks for your comment on my blog, i love when weekends get better and better!

  2. Hi lovely!
    This is SO true I can't say it better.
    P.S. I have tagged you!

  3. Oh goodness me, I can relate to that list ever so much!

  4. Hope the list works :) Good luck with the essay. I think that film looks really wicked so must go see lol

  5. Everybody's been talking about 2012 lately .. It's getting quite annoying.

  6. Good on you - I bet your mom will be especially pleased. I cant help but feel that 2012 is going to be one of those films thats hyped right up and therefore probably rubbish.

  7. 2012 is so stupid, i mean the mayans (whose calender it's all 'based' on) didnt even think it was the end of the world.
    the movie has been so hyped up, and apparently it's quite terrible and goes for about three hours. so not wasting my money.
    good luck with the list!


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