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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I've gotten a little bored over this two. I don't really take this things seriously,
these days its been like;log in,check my notifications,take 1-3 quizzes,update status then log off. Done.

I'm starting to get lazy to update this,comment that.
My facebook is just nothing much...I've stopped putting pics like,long ago,and I only update my status whenever i feel like it. Maybe Lily's right. :0

The same goes for twitter,I've got nothing to update about,and i have to admit most of my tweets are just plain boring and points out absolutely nothing. I don't really wanna update,but i need too. Makes sense?

I remebered the feeling when you first sign up for this kind of things,I'll often log in and will be busy setting up my profile into something really different from everyone else,just so It'll look extra good and extra interesting. But now,i just don't seem to bother 'bout it much. This kinda feeling only last for awhile...

And why don't I just delete them? 'Cause i don't want too,and need/want them to be active.
Okay,I'm talking crap,and my explanation doesn't make any sense. Just try to,you know,get it. :D
I guess I'm more of a blogging person!! LOL!

Oh,and I'm addicted to this candy bar. Its tastes SO SWEET &&& SO NICE!!!!!!!! :))) <3

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