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Monday, September 28, 2009

My life in school has been such a draaaaggg. EOY is in two more weeks and I am not really ready. Every day,every school week day I feel very,in fact extremely tired because;

I'll have to wake up or force to walk up like what? 5-6 AM or something,Dad send me to school. Then I enter those 'Wonderful' school gates and get to see all my schoolmates and everything. Then I go through the most some of the most boring,hard lessons of my teenage high school years. Blah,blah,blah. Its time to go home. Those are the most the best times ,i must say,but,you don't know how i want to take a cab home everyday.Seriously. But sadly I can't. So I have to travel like about 21 km from school to reach home. I take the train,then the bus And then I'm FINALLY home! THE END!. So that's the reason why I'm tired and why I dread school days.

Maths was okay today,in fact I kinda,sorta thought it was...FUN! English was good as always. And you know what? This time 'round I'm terrified of not able to get high marks for EOY. Geography,was boring. I dislike Geography. We had a class test last week,and the results just came in today. I passed. Thankfully!

The one thing that I really could not,never stand about all these exams,test issues is, competition. Yea,my friends are competing and arguing among each other. I don't even know what for,or what's the point of it all. I mean sure go ahead,do your very best and score high marks,but there's no need to compete between each other. Sometimes,theses things leads to arguments and then,eventually fights.For me,I hate competing for things unreasonably,for this case,I'm more like "I did well,I tried my best. Who cares if they got higher than me.Its my future we're talking about,not them,and their marks does not mean any thing,or affect me in any way."

And also we got our subjects guide form. It tells us what subject is offered to our stream,and sub jets that are best for us.
I was thinking of taking Literature. Definitely. I haven't decided on whether to choose between Biology or Physics. Or choose between Art and DnT. Media Studies isn't an option for me anymore. *Saddened* Damn,I really wanted to take that subject!
And we also have this thing call 'STREAM' There is;

1) Express: This are people who are,whaddya call it,err...sorta smart? (4 yrs in school)
2) Normal Academic(NA): Average people,I'm this 'stream' (5 yrs in school)

There's one more,but our school doesn't have it. So,its like in Year 1 and 2 NA students can be promoted to Exp. if they're marks are like above 70%,but don't get too excited 'cause Exp. classes are really fast at their lessons. And if you can't catch up,be prepare to drop to the NA classes or end up screwing your eduction years.

I decided to stay in NA. I have everything planned in fact. Stay in NA,'cause i don't think I can't cope if I'm in Exp. Do well in this classes. And end up in a good college. 'Cause to me, its worth spending 5 yrs in school (even though its boring and long) than getting promoted to Exp. then,thinking "OMG,I am like one of the smartest students here!". Eventually you have that type ego( I hate that ego by the way),your studies will start slipping down slowly,that you don't even realise it,cause your too busy boasting and about yourself,and relaxing,then BAM! Bye,bye scholarship. Now that does sound like a happy ending to me.:p (No offence to anyone) Other than not being able to cope,I'll be studying day and night trying to maintain that my results.

So,i have decided,and that is that. I know what I what. People can say what they wanna say and I''l be like 'WHATEVER!' :D

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