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Friday, September 18, 2009

FINALLY!!! Its Friday,I've been longing for this day to come,why? Because I still dread about having to go to school. Its clearly shows that I'm still in the holiday mode. I was counting the hours till school ends. And I seriously have got to be more serious in my school work. Because guess what,today we got the most terrifying letter/form(whatever its called);The Exam Timetable Schedule. If you are teen who has parents that would kill you if you don't score for your exams,or you know that you so not ready for all this test,then you will find that this type of letters/forms are scary.(To me it does). So whens the exams,NEXT MONTH.
So i need to beset my mind straight on this.

Actually there some possible ways to make school better,in my case these are the following ways:

  1. Science teacher shows us more documentaries shows,on any current teaching chapter.
  2. The new English stops talking fast and starts talking in much more understandingly way.
  3. IF no.2 is not possible,then please just let our old English teacher teach.
  4. Instead of us writing notes for most of our lessons/topics,much appreciated if teachers could just print out the notes for us.

I know I sound lazy and rude,and i don't mean too,but its just my personal opinion besides this things have been bothering me ever since,i just wanted to get it over my chest.'Cause I know that non of this things is ever gonna improve. And this only 1/4 of the it,don't get me started on the others.

*Note to-self: Must hand in graded maths assignments on Tuesday even if...(how unbelievably worst am I,the deadline is actually today!)

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