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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lewis Hamilton;

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A few days ago,i got a letter from one of my activity club saying that if i took part in their contest i got a chance to meet Lewis Hamilton,the F1 one racer driver.
But i didn't took part. The competition was so simple i guess,you just had to make a unique card for Lewis Hamilton on welcoming him in Singapore,when he comes down here and tell them why you are a fan and all that. They will pick the best 8 cards and for those who were lucky enough to get picked will present meet Lewis Hamilton in person at the F1 race,and present him the card yourself plus some other cool stuffs.

I would love do all that,but the thing is I barely know anything about F1 racing,and the drivers who drive those cool,fast cars. So i decided that it'll be kinda hard for m to reason out why I should be pick. Another thing is that,I am waaay to busy to happily make card now. Its just not the right time 'cause there's lots of things that needs to be done within these few weeks as i have a tight schedule now. And lastly,I don't really know anything about Lewis Hamilton,except that he's really good-looking. So maybe,if they had asked to do a card and i get to meet Katy Perry,Lady Gaga some celebs that i really know about,then maybe,just maybe I'll consider it. :D

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