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Saturday, September 12, 2009

I didn't take these pictures-but i wish i did and i could-its from my laptop. You know,the pictures that you already have in your computer/laptop that's already in there once you bought them...
Well these are mine,its just sample pictures that's already inside the computer when i first bought it .
I was browsing through my laptop,when i found these,funny how i didn't really take much notice in them till now.:) I know,its kinda random,but i thought they were nice. I wish i had the time to take pictures like these but sadly,i don't :( I love pictures of nature,its so calming to me. I like fashion pictures too,but its pretty hard to find them on the Internet. But i still love pics of random stuffs...and nature. Like you just snap a shot of just anything at any point of time when you were travelling,then you look back, and say "Hey,this is nice!!"

I was never really the one who had a camera in my hand whenever we had family vacations or outings or whatever,in fact I never make use of the camera itself and now it is in no good condition. Its like,if we take them,I'll end up deleting them!
Most of the pics were not like the ones above,it was mostly shots of the our us.
It wasn't shots of the surroundings area though. So far,i think,none of my family no one in my family really knows how to snap a good photo,but they are quite photogenic!

I would definitely post some pictures like the ones above,if i find any good ones. Hopefully i could a chance to take photos like those,once i get a new camera that is.

And i have gone to some blogs that includes terrific pictures. Here's one of them
Nikon Sniper


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  1. thanks for following! The pics are gorgeous.


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