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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Everything went well today.Glad! I skipped school,and totally feel bad about it. How can I not. EOY,is like coming soon. Real soon. And I can still fool around like this. Wow,how extraordinary!! :o I need to get my Geography,Maths and Science straight. Its still a bit screwed.

Mom has a thing for ghost stories and suchs now. Since last Sunday. She's been listening to ghost stories that's aired at 12 midnight on one of our radio stations. Then she goes on telling about the stories she's heard to other people. I listen to the stories she tells,'cause I'm not really brave enough to listen to these sort things. Because it just creeps me out most of the time. (Believe me,the stories that are told,are pretty scary)So then she goes on repeating these stories she hears to people and does she gets scared? Yeah she does,well she did yesterday. After hearing just two stories,she turned off the radio,closed the bedroom windows,'on' the air-conditioner and quickly went to sleep. She told us that herself. Now she starts covering the mirror in my bedroom with blankets(she sad something about mirrors and how they are....),and also some other stuffs about windows and antique stuffs. I wonder how long she can keep up with these,well,she'll get over it eventually :)

And yeah,tomorrow's Friday!! :D

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