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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Okay,i was wrong,the workshop was somehow,
rather interesting than i expect it would be.
Hmm...maybe it was the topic,no..maybe the coach...
well,whatever it was, i was glad i attended it.
Some things are just unexpectedly good. *Sigh*.
All my life i had lots of chances and opportunities that came along. And some,no,most of it i just threw it away like that. I know,its really pathetic. But i,myself don't knew why i always do. Its like one minute you think of going for it,then when it comes to that point of time where you have to try a go for it,BAM! You suddenly change your mind and you feel terrified,nervous,unsure and all sorts of emotion about it. I guess that stopped me from everything. Take the example of me wanting to try out for the a new subject in school,i really wanted to go for it,and see if i could get picked,but,something stopped me,
or at least i stopped myself because of some stupid reasons.
Then there were times that i felt really nervous about making friends or approaching a guy...that i like.
When times like this,you feel that these things are the most difficult and craziest things to do.
And seeing my performance and my achievements over the last few years,i think that i have got to change my way of thinking and this awful habit. Did i mention i often think negatively too. I don't even know when or how this things took contolled of me. Thay just stopped me from trying anything new.
So,now there's no point in regretting everything that has sadly happened. Like they say learn "Never regret,and learn from them".
And i am slowly learning to chances as many chances as possible,before it passes me by just so swiftly.

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