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Sunday, September 6, 2009

I should be studying right now,but whatever. LOL! I just can't be able resist switcing 'on' the laptop. Something pop out of mind today. I thought of making a list,a list of my things that the people i choose can have.I mean,if a sudden death occur,then,they'll have this list to refer too.Ok,lets start,
  • My laptop...Dad can have this,really.
  • My Taylor Swift CD collection,and my books i thought i'd give it to Nuraini. LOL!!
  • Mp3, Farah can have that,she'll remember quite often then.
  • Phone,phone,phone...hmm... Alisha!!!! Perfect for you.
  • My diary..okay,now that's tough to choose,er...Haslina. I guess,i seem to trust her somehow.
  • My clothes,to the homeless fortune,of course..
  • What else?? I don't really have much things....Oh!! Room,my room,Aisyah!!! LOL! I know you'll always keep it neat and clean.
  • My....accessories,Nadia can have it..if you want. Its not the accessories that you see everyday here in my room,its the ones that i never really had time wear it...they're gifts from people actually!
  • My other music CDs, Sin Yun can have it..we listen to the our taste in music are rather i think she'll like it.
  • Shoes...I don't have the nicest and most attractive kind of shoes,so whoever wants it can have it.
  • Bags...Eunice can have them,on sec thought.. I'll give to Bella and Charlene.
  • The other things that's left,I'll give to Mom. And trust me,a lot of things are left!

Not much things eh? Never mind, whoever owns any of my things may not have the best memorial gift they've receive,i just hope whenever they use it it remind them of me...that's the point of the gifts.

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