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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What a bore! My daily routine keeps on repeating itself..
I should be glad that there's no school
today. But I'm not all that thrilled,why? Because I'm gonna have to get back there again tomorrow,just to attend this workshop about i-don't-know-what! Then there will be no school the day after that and so on. Isn't it troublesome?
Why can't they just close the school for the holidays
for one week straight.I certainly have o% interest on going for the workshop tomorrow.But sadly,its a must,or so they say or I'll end up sitting in the detention room when feeling annoyed at myself when school reopens. Come to think of it,I've never disobeyed any of the teachers orders about going to this kind of things. Talk about playing it safe! Since I've got NOTHING else to do at home.I've been spending my time on the Internet for hours,while my mom nags at me.
Yea,she's been nagging constantly at me,about my room,telling me to clean it up.
And it's really getting on my nerves! I'm not ignoring her orders on purpose,I will clean it up right after I'm done playing my laptop here...which is I'm not sure when....
And honestly speaking i do think that my room needs a good clean-up,especially my desk.
My books are piled up,and everything is everywhere.
So maybe I will clean it up sometime later...and hopefully mom doesn't go on nagging about it.

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