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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

On Monday,yesterday and today was not very good. I'm not being negative and all,but,it was not good. AT ALL!
I beginning to hate school more than ever now. Okay,let's not use the word 'HATE',its too emotionally strong. Well,I despise,dread,am very annoyed,dislike etc. school. And I have to endure it for another,3 more weeks. Surprisingly,I can't wait for end-of-year exams to arrive,so that I can get over this quickly and possibly soon.

Oh,yesterday,we had AES. Personally,I think,there is no need to for this class for us,instead of me knowing and learning how to play drums,it carries a burden on me,and i learn how humiliation could effect someone lives one way,or another. Yea,we kinda learn how to play drums,but its not like the rockstar kinda drums its er...I don't know,cultural or something. Don't get me wrong,but,I have nothing against this extremely boring subject,but i just think it shouldn't be in our curriculum hours or whatever. I can't believe I'm saying this,but I'd rather be sitting in math class for four periods than going through this AES thing.

And also,i quarrel with Mom and Dad yesterday evening.Mostly with Mom. EVERYTHING i do is wrong,even the smallest things. School,home,everywhere! Its just so,so,so...hurtful...D: Mom banned me from using MY laptop,but,I don't really mind,'cause my exams are in 20 days and I was hoping to get rid of my distractions anyway,so...whatever,I'll live. I can blog at my Grandma's house anyway..
I 'm like giving them the silent treatment now. I have no choice,Mom went to far this time. I know,I'm complaining how suxish my life is but I can't help it. There's no where else to vent out,school? As if!! LOL!

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